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15 Funniest Garfield Comics That Just Turned 30

15 Funniest Garfield Comics That Just Turned 30


  • Garfield
    ‘s enduring popularity is demonstrated through decades of amusing short-form storylines.
  • Specific
    comic strips showcase his lazy, sneaky, and food-driven character traits.
  • The legacy of
    provides iconic moments, highlighting the lazy orange cat’s iconic humor and wit.

Garfield’s popularity has never wavered even for a second since first hitting the comic strip scene in 1978. Created by Jim Davis, Garfield has been entertaining readers for decades in his short-form storylines that see the iconic orange cat pulling pranks on his loved ones, or criticizing strangers, or just simply being a lazy old cat complaining about nothing (and Mondays).

While the Garfield comic strips themselves are hilarious and fun, the really cool thing about Garfield’s legacy is how enduring it’s been. Garfield’s been around for nearly half a century, and new comic strips are still being published to this day. That’s a lot of Garfield content to sift through, meaning some truly glorious comedic gems can easily be lost in the sheer number of comic strips that exist. That’s why it’s important to take a moment to look back at specific eras of Garfield’s history – and what better excuse to do that than during an anniversary. As of May 2024, here are 15 of the funniest Garfield comics that just turned 30!


10 Funniest Garfield Comics That Just Turned 40

Garfield is a comic strip that’s been enjoyed for decades, and still continues to this day. Here are 10 of the funniest that just turned 40 years old.

15 Garfield Comes Up with a Creative Way to Hunt Mice

Garfield – May 21, 1994

Garfield refusing to hunt mice at Jon's request.

Jon points to a mouse hole in the wall and tells Garfield to do what cats are supposed to do and kill the rodent. However, Garfield – being habitually averse to strenuous activity – comes up with a better (lazier) solution: Garfield will introduce the mouse to bungee jumping, and simply hope for an accident. This strip is a perfect example of Garfield’s character, both as a lazy cat disinterested in practically any sort of activity, and as an absolute smart alec.

14 Garfield Fears the Ghost of a ‘Good Dog’

Garfield – May 22, 1994

Garfield happy that an old couple's vicious dog is dead.

Garfield is lying on the sidewalk when he’s approached by an elderly couple, who get a kick out of seeing him. However, their conversation quickly deviates from admiring Garfield to missing their dead dog, Bowser. They say that Bowser would have ‘made a hat’ out of Garfield, before walking away saying what a ‘good dog’ he was. Garfield finds Bowser so terrifying, that he fears even the idea that he could return to life and do the horrible things these people were describing – as Garfield is decidedly happy that this dog is dead, and hopes he stays that way.

13 Garfield Will Do Anything to Get a Treat, Even Pretend to be a Dog

Garfield – May 25, 1994

Garfield pretending to be Odie to get a treat.

Jon calls Odie over to give him a treat, but when the pup doesn’t come, Garfield runs over in his place. However, Garfield isn’t approaching Jon as himself, but rather while impersonating Odie in the hopes that his ruse will yield him a snack. Garfield famously loves food, practically of any kind, and he also hates Odie. So, he’s more than willing to steal a treat meant for his rival pet, even if that means impersonating him – which is classic Garfield at his best.

12 Garfield Takes His Obsession with Sweets to a Whole New Level

Garfield – May 26, 1994

Garfield running back and forth with different desserts.

Garfield sprints by Jon holding a slice of cake, shouting “Dessert!” as he goes. Moments later, Garfield sprints past Jon again, this time holding a slice of pie, shouting “The Son of Dessert: Part Two!”. As if to distract Jon from the fact that he’s eating too much junk food with a clever comment, Garfield seemingly gives his desserts faux movie titles, creating a duology of gluttony. Garfield has always been food motivated, but giving his desserts ‘movie titles’ takes his obsession with sweets to a whole new level.

11 Garfield’s Laziness Can Only Be Treated by an Act of God

Garfield – May 31, 1994

Garfield telling Jon that only an earthquake will get him to move.

Garfield is lying on the counter when Jon approaches him, asking if there’s any chance he’ll actually move today. Garfield sarcastically replies, “An earthquake is always possible”. Garfield’s laziness has arguably never been more accurately portrayed than in this strip, nor has his sarcastic nature. He’s so committed to doing nothing, that a literal act of God is the only thing that can get him to move, and Garfield makes that point very clear to Jon in a truly hilarious fashion.

10 Garfield Shamelessly Laughs at Jon’s Pain

Garfield – May 2, 1994

Garfield laughing at Jon falling down the stairs.

Garfield is walking through his home, thinking to himself how funny life is. Then, almost serendipitously, Jon tumbles down the staircase with his basket of dirty laundry spilled all over him. Garfield laughs at Jon’s pain, then continues his thought by saying life is funny… for some people. Garfield is a little scamp in every regard, and while that’s usually translated through his food obsession or his laziness, it also shines through with his casual cruelty – and laughing at Jon’s pain is the perfect example of that.

9 Garfield’s Disdain for Nature is Matched Only by Jon’s Ignorance of It

Garfield – May 4, 1994

Garfield commenting on Jon running away from a moth.

Garfield is commenting on how Jon decided to go out into nature today. The next panel shows Jon ‘running for his life’ away from a “rabid moth”. Garfield then comments on how he tried to warn Jon that Mother Nature is “a maniac”. Garfield is a cat who enjoys his little luxuries, so it makes sense that he wouldn’t enjoy the great outdoors. Jon, however, is simply ignorant when it comes to nature, despite actively wanting to spend the day outside, and his fear of a ‘rabid moth’ is hilarious proof of that.

8 Garfield Uses Jon to Feel Exciting, Which is a Hilarious Insult

Garfield – May 5, 1994

Garfield saying that Jon is dull.

Garfield is walking through his house, breaking the fourth wall as if he’s the star of an infomercial selling a ‘self-help’ product. However, Garfield isn’t trying to sell anything, he’s just offering readers a bit of advice through example, saying that if someone wants to feel more exciting, then they should hang out with someone who’s duller than they are. At that point, Garfield embraces Jon, as if to present his owner as evidence of how well this method works for him – and it’s as hilarious as it is insulting.

7 Garfield Can Admit that He Is, Indeed, a Mischievous Scamp

Garfield – May 9, 1994

Garfield asking Jon why he's mad at him.

Jon is noticeably angry at Garfield for some unclear reason. Even Garfield doesn’t know what he’s done to invoke Jon’s wrath. Garfield asks Jon what he could have said to make Jon so angry, before considering that it may have been any one of several things he had done. If Garfield is anything, he’s self-aware, as he fully acknowledges that he’s playfully cruel, utterly lazy, and absolutely food-crazed, and he also knows how much he can get under Jon’s skin. And that is what makes this mischievous orange cat so hilarious, as he does absolutely nothing to change himself.

6 Garfield’s Laziness is Matched Only By His Spitefulness (in the Funniest Way)

Garfield – May 10, 1994

Garfield being spitefully indifferent toward Jon.

Jon is scolding Garfield about his attitude, saying that he wants to see less indifference around the house. When Jon asks him what he thinks about that, Garfield replies, “up to you”. Jon just said that he wanted Garfield to be less indifferent, and while Garfield is fully capable of exhibiting strong opinions about any given topic or circumstance, he’s certainly not going to give Jon what he wants in this instance. So, if Jon wants Garfield to be less indifferent, then Garfield is going to be indifferent ‘even harder’, which is a perfect example of Garfield’s hilarious spitefulness.

5 Garfield is Running for His Life – But Not How You Think

Garfield – May 11, 1994

Garfield and a dog chasing an ice cream truck.

The first two panels of this strip feature Garfield running away from a barking dog, with the seemingly vicious canine right on the orange cat’s heels. However, it’s revealed in the final panel that Garfield wasn’t running from the dog, but with him, as the two were chasing an ice cream truck. Garfield is, indeed, running for his life, but not from the jaws of a cat-eating dog, but rather due to his need to get ice cream at all costs – even if it means exercise.

4 Garfield Shamelessly Undermines Jon’s Authority (Especially When Food is Involved)

Garfield – May 12, 1994

Garfield eating a plate of cookies after Jon told him not to.

Garfield is sitting next to a plate of cookies that were clearly meant for Jon (or, at least, to be eaten by Garfield in moderation), indicated by Jon telling Garfield “I have my eye on you”. Not one second later, Garfield eats the entire plate of cookies in a single bite, before replying to Jon, “In reference to what?”. Garfield shamelessly undermines Jon’s authority, doing so right in front of him without a moment’s hesitation. This has been seen before, and is true for just about every situation, but it’s especially true when food is involved.

3 Garfield is an Icon of Body Positivity & Blocking Out the Haters

Garfield – May 13, 1994

Garfield ignoring Jon's fat joke.

Jon is sitting in his chair as Garfield approaches him, and Jon rudely shouts, “Here comes fatso”, to which Garfield replies, “He’s not only fat, he’s slow”, referencing an imaginary third person walking behind him. Obviously, Garfield knew Jon was talking about him, but he ignored and played off the comment for one simple reason: Garfield doesn’t care what Jon thinks. Garfield wants food and relaxation more than he wants to be slim, and if Jon has anything to say about that, Garfield will block that ‘hater’ out – utterly iconic.

2 Garfield Comes Across a Cryptic Warning that Quickly Becomes Obvious

Garfield – May 14, 1994

Garfield coming across an unfinished 'Beware of Dog' sign.

Garfield is walking through a field when he comes across a sign that reads ‘Beware of the’, and nothing else. Garfield ponders the meaning of this for a moment before he’s startled by a bark, understanding that this sign should have read ‘Beware of the Dog’. The fact that this sign is unfinished implies that the person who made it was attacked by the very dog they were trying to warn others about, which is a hilarious play on the popular ‘Beware of Dog’ signs by taking it to the extreme – and now, it’s Garfield’s problem.

1 Garfield Pulls a Hilariously Cruel Prank on Jon

Garfield – May 15, 1994

Garfield pranking Jon with a spider.

While Jon is trying to eat his dinner, Garfield discreetly uses Jon’s glass of water to squish a spider, before sliding the glass back over to Jon before he notices. When Jon goes to take a sip, he looks through the bottom of the glass to see the corpse of the spider staring at him. Startled, Jon spits his water all over Garfield, who was actually ready with an umbrella, clearly pleased with himself that he got the desired effect of the prank.

Garfield is almost never nice to Jon, so when he has the chance to prank him, he’s going to take it. This comic strip shows that perfectly, and that’s why it’s one of the 10 funniest Garfield comics that just turned 30.

Garfield 2024 Movie temp Poster

The Garfield Movie

Based on Jim Davis’s comic series, Garfield is a new imagining of the lasagna-loving cat and his friends, opting for a fully computer-animated approach. Chris Pratt voices the titular cat, with the film aiming to explore his early days and new misadventures for him, his friends, and his family.

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