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15 Funniest Webcomic Name Comics About Creating Art

15 Funniest Webcomic Name Comics About Creating Art


  • Life as a pink blob navigating an imaginative world is always met with an “Oh no” punchline.
  • Artist struggles, imperfections, and frustrations are hilariously captured in the Webcomic Name series.
  • Social media, pretentious students, and early work are common hurdles for starving artists artistically.

Webcomic Name is as it sounds, a webcomic series, one that’s centered around a pink blob trying to make their way in a vibrant, colorful world filled with other blobs trying to do the same thing. Created by cartoonist Alex Norris, Webcomic Name is a decidedly unique series that sees the amorphous main character caught in the middle of a great number of varying situations, all of which end with them uttering the iconic punchline fans of this series know all too well, “Oh no”.

There is no set plot thread that binds this series (as is common with comic strip-style webcomics), which allows the protagonist the freedom to see life through many different lenses. One such lens is that of a ‘starving artist’, trying to find their way in this bizarre and imaginative world. Through the eyes of the pink blob protagonist, real-world artists everywhere can relate to their experiences, as anyone who creates art knows there is no shortage of ‘oh nos’ on that particular journey. Here are 15 of the funniest Webcomic Name comics about creating art!


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15 Webcomic Name Depicts the Frustration of Imagination Not Matching the Artwork

Webcomic Name – “Imagination”

Before putting pencil to paper, or whatever the form of one’s art happens to be, an artist has an image in their head that they want – need – to bring to life. Unfortunately, sometimes it’s nearly impossible to translate from what one sees in their head, to what they are able to produce on paper. This Webcomic Name comic perfectly captures that ‘oh no’ feeling every artist gets when they encounter this problem – and usually ‘oh no’ is putting it mildly.

14 Webcomic Name Knows an Artist’s Workspace is Far Less Glamorous than People Assume

Webcomic Name – “Workspace”

When an artist creates a piece that is beloved by those who gaze upon it, sometimes those admirers are curious to see where it was created. Perhaps they have an image in their heads of a charming studio filled with light, color, and obvious sources of inspiration. But, as many artists can verify, that studio in question is usually more akin to a den of chaos, one that would make anyone unfamiliar with the process say ‘oh no’ – and Webcomic Name understands that.

13 Webcomic Name Identifies the True Enemy of Any Starving Artist: the Pretentious Art Student

Webcomic Name – “(Neutral Face)”

Every artist, especially those in the ‘starving’ stage of their career, is their own biggest critic, as they attempt to not only understand their own unique style, but also wrestle with the internal horrorshow that comes with presenting a finished piece to the public. And that is why the opinion of a pretentious art student, someone who has yet to take any risks with their own art yet claims to understand what makes all art ‘good’, is the single most annoying thing for an artist to hear – starving or otherwise – and Webcomic Name captures that annoyance beautifully.

12 Webcomic Name Stresses the Importance of Living Before an Artist’s Art Can Truly Be Great

Webcomic Name – “Art”

The artist in this Webcomic Name comic shuts out the world before trying to capture it with their art, and the result is as bad as it looks. This is a perfect representation of how important it is for an artist to go out into the world and live before they can try to bring their version of what life is to their work. The best pieces of artwork come from a place that is real, and that can only be achieved through life experience, something one won’t get by shutting out the world.

Webcomic Name – “Value”

When an artist creates a new piece, especially one they are particularly proud of, they will likely post it on social media. Sharing one’s work on social media has become integral to building a following, and the feedback can oftentimes be rewarding. Though it can also be a damaging process, especially if – like what’s depicted in this Webcomic Name comic – a new piece isn’t as ‘liked’ on social media as a previous piece. The digital age is a rough space for starving artists, but it’s important to persevere, and just keep creating.

10 Webcomic Name Knows an Artist Doesn’t Always Match the Expectation Set By Their Art

Webcomic Name – “Artist”

When people look upon a piece of artwork, those who truly feel moved by the piece will likely want to meet the artist responsible. At that point, they’ve already created a version of the artist in their head, perhaps a dark and brooding recluse to match a piece that evokes that particular feeling. However, as is hilariously captured by this Webcomic Name comic, that’s not always the case, as sometimes the artists are just seemingly regular people who happen to create great art, and are not ‘art pieces’ themselves.

9 Webcomic Name Warns Rising Artists About Meeting their Heroes

Webcomic Name – “Hero”

Sometimes, when things seem hopeless, or like a starving artist will never make it, it can be inspiring to look to an artist who has seemingly achieved a level of success a starving artist is working toward. However, it’s very common that ‘fame’ does not always equal ‘fortune’ when it comes to widely recognized artists. Sometimes their work can be recognized around the globe, but they have yet to make a living from that success. That can be disheartening, especially for artists seeking fame and fortune, and the Webcomic Name protagonist said it best with the simple “oh no“.

8 Webcomic Name Knows It’s Sometimes Impossible to Separate the Art from the Artist

Webcomic Name – “Art/ist”

‘Separate the art from the artist’ is a common saying when a beloved artist does something that is immoral, illegal, or even just disagreeable. Sometimes it is possible to separate the art from the artist – for instance, if they made forgivable mistakes in the past that they’re trying to make up for. However, there are also times when separating the art from the artist is impossible, especially if the artist did something especially egregious, and every time one looks upon their artwork, they’re reminded of how bad the artist really is – which is the Webcomic Name protagonist’s exact experience.

7 Webcomic Name Understands an Artist’s Artwork Does Not Always Match the World at Large

Webcomic Name – “Sad Art Only”

It could be argued that an artist’s job is to capture the world as they see it, and create a piece that expresses that vision. Oftentimes, that’s not always literal, and has more to do with the artist’s frame of mind as opposed to the current state of the world. However, no matter the influence or inspiration, sometimes an artist’s work simply does not match what the world expects or wants from them.

In the case of this Webcomic Name comic, the artist created a happy piece featuring people together, and they released it during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown. No one wanted to see that, as it made them sad about what they couldn’t have – though one could argue that, no matter how this piece was received, the pink blob protagonist did their job as an artist.

6 Webcomic Name Hilariously (Tragically) Calls Out Why Starving Artists Stay Starving

Webcomic Name – “Monetise”

While creating art is its own reward, the dream is to have one’s art be successful enough to sustain them financially. A starving artist is only called that because they’re not making any money from their art, yet dedicate time to creating it. And the only reason a starving artist stays starving – especially when they’ve reached the stage of selling their pieces – is that no one is willing to buy their art, or support them in other ways. People want art, but too seldom support their local artists, which is a tragic truth hilariously called out by Webcomic Name.

5 Webcomic Name Warns of Fame Corrupting Artistic Integrity

Webcomic Name – “Progress”

All too often, when an artist makes it big after being widely beloved in the underground scene, they ‘sell out’, and allow their work to be corrupted by monetization. ‘Selling out’ isn’t becoming successful with one’s art, it’s changing one’s art to fit a certain market, as opposed to just creating from the heart. That’s what happened to the protagonist in this Webcomic Name comic, as they evidently finally made it big, only for their artistic integrity – and, indeed, quality – to be utterly corrupted in the name of ‘progress’.

4 Webcomic Name Reveals Sometimes an Artist’s Perfectionism is Their Worst Enemy

Webcomic Name – “Finishing Touch”

Before unveiling a finished piece to the world, it’s only natural for an artist to do everything possible to ensure it’s the best it can be. Unfortunately, sometimes the greatest aspect of any particular piece is in the imperfections, and by smoothing them out – or adding to the piece itself – the artist is only making their artwork worse as a result. Webcomic Name reveals the dangers of this level of perfectionism, and recognizes the fine-line artists are constantly riding when it comes to their artwork.

3 Webcomic Name Depicts the Struggle of Translating Emotion to Art

Webcomic Name – “e m o t i o n a l”

Some of the best pieces of artwork an artist can create have nothing to do with form, technique, or even conventional skill, but rather the emotion that was poured into the piece that can then be felt by those who see it. Unfortunately, as any artist can attest, that is extremely difficult to achieve, which is a sentiment shared by the protagonist in this Webcomic Name comic. Thankfully, the pink blob isn’t alone on that front, as this problem is practically universal among starving artists.

2 Webcomic Name Depicts the Sad Reality of an Artist’s Early Work

Webcomic Name – “Oh No”

If pieces of artwork were sentient, then none would have a sadder life than the early work of an artist. These pieces were the first attempts at achieving something great, filled with flaws, frustrations, and rage over the belief that the artist who made it will never be good enough. And then, after filling that integral role in an artist’s journey, the early work is tossed to the side in favor of a piece the artist is finally satisfied with. It’s a harsh reality, but a necessary one all the same, and one that’s detailed beautifully in Webcomic Name.

1 Alex Norris Shows the Creation of Webcomic Name, Detailing Their Own Process as an Artist

Webcomic Name – “Beginning”

Other Webcomic Name comics have expertly showcased what it means to be an artist, from the struggles and hurdles, to the resiliency and hopeful success. However, none of them can compare to Alex Norris’ first comic under the Webcomic Name title, as it details the cartoonist creating their iconic pink blob character, only for it to utter the classic punchline made famous by this series, “oh no“. The meta nature of this comic puts Alex Norris at the center of their own newly-created world, which is why this Webcomic Name comic is one of the 15 best about creating art.

Source: Alex Norris/Instagram

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