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15 Shocking Euphoria Scenes That Almost Went Too Far

15 Shocking Euphoria Scenes That Almost Went Too Far


  • Euphoria pushes boundaries with uncomfortable scenes involving nudity, predatory behavior, and disturbing violence.
  • Season 2 faced criticism for excessive nudity and substance abuse, with some cast members requesting changes to their scenes.
  • The show features shocking and unsettling moments that set the tone for its chaotic and inappropriate themes.

Content Warning: This list includes mentions of drug use, violence, sexual assault, and mental health.

Some memorable Euphoria scenes that almost went too far, which is part of what makes the HBO series one of the most popular yet provocative shows currently on television. The series follows the lives of fictional high schoolers who constantly face issues with drug addiction, toxic relationships, and occasional violence. Euphoria is led by Zandaya and Hunter Schaffer as Rue Bennett and Jules Vaughn respectively and also features an ensemble cast of problematic characters including Jacob Elordi, Sydney Sweeney, Alexa Demie, and Angus Cloud.

Euphoria season 2 faced criticism due to its overuse of nudity and substance abuse. Sweeney, who plays Cassie, had to ask creator Sam Levinson to remove nude scenes of her character that she deemed unnecessary (via Independent). Several scenes in Euphoria season 2 that were originally meant to contain nudity were removed or altered after similar complaints from cast members. Levinson is known to push boundaries in Euphoria, but several scenes that made the final cut in the HBO series nearly went too far.


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15 The Police Want To Investigate Maddy’s Bruises

Maddy Doesn’t Cooperate

Maddy crying as police force her to let them examine her in Euphoria

After the show has already made it clear that Nate has been physically abusive to Maddy in the past, it goes one step further to pile the trauma onto Maddy. After attending a carnival where Nate grabs her neck, Maddy hides the bruises with a turtleneck instead of makeup, and still reeling from the incident, she doesn’t eat. With the air conditioning not working at school, Maddy still feeling upset about the incident, and no food to give her energy, Maddy faints at school, which prompts paramedics being called in.

Because the bruises are seen by the paramedics and school staff following her fainting, the school has to report the bruises to the police. Instead of treating Maddy like a survivor of abuse with any kind of compassion or care, when Maddy refuses to cooperate with the police because she doesn’t want to relive the incident, they hold her down and forcibly cut away her clothing to get a look at the bruises.

It’s a scene that’s uncalled for and hard for the viewers to watch, but it also gives a window into how survivors of abuse can be treated and blamed for what happens to them.

14 Mouse Gives Rue Fentanyl

The Scene Implies Mouse Could Have Done More Than That

Mouse offering Rue a drug while she sits on the couch in Euphoria

Though Rue is presented as an addict who will try anything when she relapses in Euphoria, that isn’t entirely the case. She’s stayed away from fentanyl, and even Fezco doesn’t sell it because he considers it too dangerous. When Rue, however, happens to be at Fezco’s house when Mouse is there, the other dealer uses the opportunity to try to take advantage of her. Not only does he force Rue to take a dose of fentanyl, but he also implies she can use her body instead of money to pay him for it.

The scene stops short of Mouse actually physically assaulting Rue, but it’s certainly implied that he could have if Fez wasn’t there to pay for the drug on Rue’s behalf. In fact, Rue spends days there, so out of it from the drug, that Fez has to call Jules to come get her. The show could have crossed even worse of a line than it did.

Cassie’s Drug-Fueled Freedom Is Cut Short

Cassie smiling while riding a carousel in Euphoria

In one episode of Euphoria, Cassie and Maddy decide to avoid how their boyfriends have made them feel by taking MDMA and allowing the high to entertain them instead. Unfortunately, a stimulant and hallucinogen like that can actually enhance feelings, leading Maddy to attempt to leave Cassie behind to go confront Nate. Cassie spends her time on a carousel with another classmate, but her feelings get the better of her.

Initially, what Cassie loves about using the MDMA while on the carousel is that she feels completely free. Eventually, however, she starts to use the carousel for some self pleasure, and her moaning draws the attention of those around her. Before the scene can go too far, Cassie gets embarrassed and seeks Maddy out to leave, but the scene is awkward enough without taking anything further.

12 Cal And Nate Fight

Nate’s Reaction Implies Past Abuse

Nate on the floor crying during a fight with his father in Euphoria

Nate and his father have a complicated relationship as is evident in Nate having a nightmare about him, but it’s also reflected in the way Nate treats other people. The abuse Nate has suffered, however, is only implied for much of the first season of Euphoria.

It’s not until Nate and his father get into an argument in the Euphoria season 1 finale that becomes physical that it’s clear how bad the abuse might have actually been in the past. Cal throws Nate to the ground, and when he does, Nate nearly immediately begins sobbing and banging his own head on the floor. It’s an incredibly traumatic response to the fight and leaves the viewers knowing that much worse has likely happened to Nate in the past. While Nate is a morally flawed and nearly irredeemable character, the audience feels for him in the moment.

11 Chris McKay’s Hazing

The Way The Scene Is Shot Implies More

A closeup of Chris McKay looking at something off camera in Euphoria

As McKay feels the pressure to be a collegiate-level athlete, he and Cassie grow distant. He also, however, has more trauma in his life as he starts college than simply pushing his girlfriend away from him. While his father continues to push him to be his best, his future fraternity brothers violently assault him.

When McKay is attacked by a group of young men, the scene is chaotic and shot in a way that implies not just physical violence, but sexual violence as well. That implication wasn’t something that actor Algee Smith was aware of until after he saw the completed scene. According to Smith’s interview following the airing of the episode with The Hollywood Reporter, “It looks really graphic in the scene the way they edited and chopped it up, which is scary as hell, but they’re play-humping… I was surprised by the editing.

With all of the violence in the show, Euphoria, again, avoided going a step too far with another instance of sexual violence, but the implication was enough for some.


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10 Cal & Jules Meet Up At A Hotel

An Uncomfortable Pilot Episode Moment

Cal touching Jules's face In Euphoria

One of the most uncomfortable scenes so far in Euphoria involved Jules and Nate’s father Cal. The shocking scene takes place in the very first episode of Euphoria when Jules meets up with Cal after exchanging messages. Cal displayed disturbing and predatory behaviors throughout the sequence and the two ultimately have sex. The long takes and camera close-ups make the scene more visceral and disturbing to witness.

The controversial and explicit Euphoria scene sets the tone early for the chaotic and inappropriate moments the show is known for. It’s also revisited throughout the show as Euphoria details Nate learning about his father’s sexual proclivities. The characters are also reminded of the encounter between the two because a video is said to exist of their night together that some of the characters desperately want destroyed.

9 Rue Runs Into Traffic At A Busy Intersection

Rue’s Addiction Sent Her Down A Dangerous Path

Rue runs into traffic in Euphoria

Rue’s drug addiction hurts her in both seasons of Euphoria. After an intervention caused Rue to face her addiction head-on, she agreed to seek treatment with the help of her mom and her sister. However, on the way to rehab, Rue seemingly changed her mind about the treatment and got out of her mom’s car while she was stopped at an intersection.

In a shocking turn of events, Rue runs through oncoming traffic, causing multiple near-collisions which is made all the more disturbing by her mother and sister’s terrified screams. Rue was able to survive the situation unscathed even though she almost lost her life in other instances in Euphoria season 2. It was just the start of a harrowing episode for Rue, who only got into more dangerous situations throughout the show.

8 Nate Breaks Into Tyler’s Apartment & Brutally Assaults Him

Nate Ruined Tyler’s Life

A closeup of Tyler in Euphoria

Nate has done awful things in Euphoria. His antagonistic character is established early in Euphoria season 1 when he assaults Tyler. The attack comes after Tyler hooked up with Nate’s girlfriend Maddy at a party. Maddy initiated the interest from Tyler knowing that it would enrage Nate. Her plan worked and Nate went to extreme lengths to send a message to Tyler, breaking into his apartment, falsely accusing him of rape, and carrying out a savage assault that leaves him seriously injured. Jacob Elordi’s intimidating performance elevated the scene, making it one of Euphoria‘s most chilling moments so far.

Of course, adding to this is that Nate doesn’t just want Tyler to pay for hooking up with his girlfriend. He also thinks that he can use Tyler as a scapegoat for the injuries Nate gave to Maddy himself. The entire situation paints Nate as the antagonist of the series very early.

7 Jules Grabs A Knife At A House Party

The Start Of A Tumultuous Relationship Between Jules & Nate

Jules made her memorable entrance in Euphoria at the same party where Tyler and Maddy hooked up in the first season. Nate caused a scene by calling out Jules, questioning who she was and why she was at the party, and singling her out in front of everyone. Nate provoked Jules by invading her personal space and making uncomfortable advances, to which Jules responded by grabbing a kitchen knife and threatening her assailant in order to protect herself.

Then, in one of Euphoria‘s most shocking moments, Jules used the knife to cut her own arm, prompting Nate to back off. It was a surprising introduction for any character and a clear display of Jules’ personality and things to come. It also marked the first interaction between two characters who went to experience more threatening moments and even blackmail.

6 Fezco Assaults Nate With A Liquor Bottle At A Party

Even If This Was A Crowd-Pleasing Moment, It Went Far

A closeup of Fez in Euphoria

Fezco constantly got into dangerous situations in Euphoria due to his unlawful profession as a drug dealer. Despite this, he rarely used violence, and quickly became a fan favorite character, which made his attack on Nate with a liquor bottle at a New Year’s party in Euphoria season 2 all the more shocking. The amount of punches Fezco landed was particularly disturbing and gruesome to watch and left Nate seriously injured.

Although audiences wanted to see Nate taken down a peg because of his treatment of other characters in the show, this was a bit far, especially given how beloved Fezco is as a character. It’s also hard to see it play out because of the way he protects other characters in the same season. The scene only plays into criticisms that the show has been able to glorify violence and drug use through the lens of entertainment.


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5 Rue Is Forced To Remove Her Clothes At Laurie’s House

A Truly Unsettling Scene For Rue

Rue in withdrawal in Euphoria season 2

Rue’s troubles with addiction lead her down some dark roads in Euphoria season 2. Through Fezco, Rue met a drug dealer and sex trafficker named Laurie. Although Laurie seemed calm on the surface, Rue discovered that she was a powerful leader of some dangerous people. One of Laurie’s henchmen, an extremely frightening man, threatened Rue with a gun and forced her to strip in a shower.

Rue told Bruce that she was a minor in the hope that Bruce would not make her remove her clothing, but Bruce ignored these pleas, leading to a scene that was extremely uncomfortable to watch. Euphoria has continued to push the envelope when it comes to scenes that just teeter on the edge of sexual violence, prompting many to call out the show for its unnecessary nudity and sex.

4 Ashtray Murders Mouse With A Hammer

A Shocking Start To Season 2

Ashtray in red lighting in Euphoria

Ashtray is somewhat of a wildcard from the start, but Euphoria season 2 displayed his violent capabilities. In the Euphoria season 2 premiere, Ashtray proved his loyalty to Fezco by killing a fellow drug dealer named Mouse. Ashtray became suspicious of Mouse and sensed that Fezco’s life was in danger. Mouse was likely planning to kill Fezco since he had found out that Fezco had robbed his drug supplier. Ashtray didn’t give Mouse the chance to retaliate and attacked him with a hammer.

While the scene is a great indicator of not just Ashtray’s loyalty, but his protective instincts towards those he cares about, it’s also incredibly disturbing to watch unfold. The scene is especially unsettling given Ashtray’s young age and the brutality of the kill. Some fans, however, will argue that for the story, Ashtray’s move was the right one, eliminating Mouse as a threat to Fez until the next threat comes along.

3 Nate Threatens Maddy (And Himself) With A Gun

A Truly Terrifying Bedroom Scene

Likely the most memorable scene from Euphoria season 2 is also one of its most disturbing. In it, Maddy found Nate in her room with a gun. He explained that he was there to retrieve the footage of his dad and Jules together in the hotel. When Maddy said she didn’t have the footage, Nate started a game of Russian Roulette, holding the gun to her head and then his own.

In a surreal and highly disturbing scene lasting almost five minutes, Maddy cried, begging Nate to stop. Nate eventually revealed that he had no bullets in the gun, only furthering that this was all about psychological torture for Maddy. On top of it, the length of the scene and Maddy’s anguish throughout made it highly disturbing. It also marks an escalation of his treatment of her throughout the show, demonstrating that he could still seriously hurt her.

2 Laurie Injects Rue With Morphine

A First Time Injection For Rue

Laurie sitting in front of her fridge in Euphoria.

Rue experienced a painful withdrawal while at Laurie’s house. Laurie offered her help even though she was unconvinced that Rue would be able to pay for the drugs she was asking for. Laurie eventually agreed to help Rue but all she could offer was morphine that could only be injected intravenously. In a tragic scene, Laurie administered morphine into Rue’s arm, marking an awful first for Rue. Rue was sedated by the effects but appeared to be at an all-time low after seeking help from Laurie. Rue’s sobriety would change Euphoria‘s dynamic and has no clear end in sight.

This particular sequence in the show, however, isn’t just about Rue using morphine, but about what she might do to continue using. Laurie implies repeatedly that Rue doesn’t need money to get drugs because she can use her body instead. While for some viewers this is a hint that Rue still hasn’t reached her rock bottom, for other viewers, it’s where the show crossed a line and they stopped watching.

1 Ashtray Is Shot & Killed By SWAT Team

A Child Is Killed In A Gunfight

If fans of Euphoria through the events of the first season were rough to watch, season 2 only doubled down on the hard times for the characters. With Rue relapsing, Nate continuing to torture Maddy, and more, Ashtray might have seemed like a bright spot in the show. That bright spot, however, was snuffed out.

Ashtray was killed by a special police force that infiltrated Fezco’s apartment in the Euphoria season 2 finale. Ashtray refused to stand down even as Fezco begged him to surrender, barricading himself in the bathroom and wildly shooting an assault rifle through the wall. One of Ashtray’s bullets took down an officer, ensuring that Ashtray would not survive the gunfight if caught. When he was eventually outnumbered, Ashtray was taken out by the police in front of Fezco’s eyes. The scene is one of the most difficult moments to watch and nearly went too far in Euphoria.

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Euphoria is a teen drama created by Sam Levinson and starring Zendaya, Maude Apatow, and Angus Cloud. The series deals with the dark reality of a drug-addicted teen on her road to recovery as she faces a multitude of challenges and issues.

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