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5 Reasons Why 1983’s Tender Mercies Is The Best Country Movie (And Best Christian Movie) I’ve Ever Seen

Robert Duvall looking off into the distance in Tender Mercies

I identify as Christian, but I’m not the kind of guy who blasts gospel music (I’d much rather blast Slayer. It sounds better). I also like country music, but I’m not the kind of person where that’s all I listen to. (Why would I when MF DOOM’s–rest his soul–music exists?) 

So, I’m Christian, and I like country music. Join the club, right? However, a club I think I belong to that a lot of Americans might not belong to is that I’m a huge fan of the 1983 movie, Tender Mercies, which marries country music and Christianity so well that I’m surprised it’s not shown in Sunday schools across America. 

The movie, which is about a recovering alcoholic country singer who has given up on life until he falls in love with a widow, is a beautiful movie, and one that I want to share with you all in the year of our Lord (which is every year, I guess). 

Robert Duvall at a table in Tender Mercies

(Image credit: Universal Pictures)

It Makes Country Music Feel Both Small, But Also Massive At The Same Time 

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