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Amidst Inside The NBA Cancellation Rumors, Charles Barkley Explains Why It ‘Sucks’ And Who He Feels Bad For

Charles Barkley on Inside the NBA

With the growing popularity of streaming a lot has been changing in the world of linear television. However, professional sports rights are still an incredibly lucrative, but also an incredibly expensive opportunity. There has been a major change in the way television rights to the NBA are being handled, which will likely lead to the end of TNT’s long-running Inside the NBA series. Co-host Charles Barkley says he doesn’t mind the show ending personally, but it will have a much bigger impact on a lot more people.

TNT has been home to the NBA for decades and has been running Inside the NBA since 1989 but starting after next season that’s expected to change. ESPN and Amazon have negotiated the main deals for NBA rights, and while there’s still a possibility that TNT could end up with some NBA games (NBC is also negotiating for that chunk of the rights) it likely won’t be enough to justify having an NBA centered series like Inside the NBA. Speaking with SiriusXM, Barkley says it doesn’t personally matter to him; being unemployed just means more time to play golf. He said…

It just sucks right now for the people I work with. Man, it just sucks right now. There’s nothing I can say – I’m worried about all the people I work with. I just turned 61. I’ve got enough money. I don’t even look at it as getting fired, Frank. I say, ‘Damn, I get to play more golf?!’ People [ask me,] ‘What I am thinking right now?’ I’m like, ‘Please hurry, and get this Western Conference Finals over, because I can play golf every day for the next four months. … I love doing nothing.

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