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Amy & Tammy Slaton’s Travel Adventures Post-Weight Loss

Amy & Tammy Slaton's Travel Adventures Post-Weight Loss


  • Tammy and Amy Slaton have undergone significant weight loss journeys, leading them to be more active, travel internationally, and enjoy life more.
  • The sisters have worked hard to lose weight through diet, exercise, and weight-loss surgery, resulting in improved mobility and new experiences.
  • Tammy and Amy, along with other family members, have been spotted in various locations, including a recent trip to the UK, showcasing their dedication to living a healthier lifestyle.

Since losing a significant amount of weight, 1000-lb Sisters stars Amy Slaton and Tammy Slaton have been doing a lot more traveling, including international travel. When the sisters first made their TV debut in 2020, Amy weighed 400 pounds, and Tammy weighed 720 pounds at her heaviest. Amy wanted to lose weight to get healthy enough to start her own family. Tammy, on the other hand, was inspired to lose weight after a health scare landed her in a medically induced coma.

Amy began her weight-loss journey during 1000-lb Sisters season 1. By focusing on diet, exercise, and weight-loss surgery, she went down from 400 to 275 pounds by season 3. Tammy struggled to lose weight during the show’s first few seasons without much luck and seemed to gain weight. In 2022, she checked herself into a weight-loss rehabilitation facility, where she lost enough weight to qualify for and receive bariatric surgery. Losing weight gave the sisters more mobility, and now they get out and travel more, even making their way across the pond.


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Amy & Tammy Slaton Go To Florida

Slaton Family Vacation

Several years ago, Tammy could barely walk, let alone travel. Due to her size, she was very limited in what she could do and was often stuck inside. And though Amy was more capable of traveling, it certainly wasn’t easy for her. Also, Tammy needed a lot of help with daily needs, so Amy couldn’t be away from her for very long. This dynamic created a lot of conflict in the relationship. These days, their relationship has dramatically improved.

Since losing weight, Amy and Tammy are determined to live a more active lifestyle, wanting to explore the world that was once restricted to them. They’ve both been enjoying their newfound freedom and celebrating every new milestone, like joining the other Slatons on a Florida vacation. Tammy took her first airplane ride for the occasion and didn’t need the extra seat she had purchased.

During 1000-lb Sisters season 5, Amy, Tammy, and the other Slatons even went on a family boat ride in Florida. Tammy was especially happy to be out and about. She sat at the front of the boat, enjoying the waves and playfully talking to the marine life. At one point, she and her sister Amy recreated the famous scene from the movie Titanic at the front of the boat, with Tammy putting her arms out like Rose, one of the main characters from the film.

Amy & Tammy’s Disney World Vacation

The Incredible Flying Slatons

Amy and Tammy Slaton have become daredevils since achieving their extraordinary weight-loss milestones. In February, Amy posted footage of a recent Disney World Slaton family vacation to TikTok. In the clip, Amy and Tammy took a ride in a giant hot air balloon. The post has 11K likes, and the caption reads, “Disney spring 2024 baby!!!1000-lb Sisters fans know that Amy, Tammy, and multiple other Slatons are huge Disney fans, so it’s no surprise they choose to vacation in Disney World.

Amy and Tammy weren’t the only members of the Slaton clan who made the trek to the Magic Kingdom. Their brother, Chris Combs, and his wife, Brittany Combs, were also in attendance. Amy posted a carousel of photos to TikTok that featured Amy, Tammy, Chris, and Brittany meeting Daisy Duck, Minnie Mouse, Goofy, Daffy Duck, and Mickey Mouse.

The post has over 15,000 likes, and Amy’s caption reads, “
Meet the fab 5 can now be checked off my bucket list

Like his famous sisters, Chris has lost a significant amount of weight. When he made his television debut during 1000-lb Sisters season 1, Chris weighed over 400 pounds. He has since had bariatric surgery and lost 150 pounds. Chris revealed he wanted to lose weight so he could be there for his family long-term. Chris also talked about his daughter struggling with her weight and wanted to be a good role model for her.

Tammy Slaton

37 years old

Lost 440 pounds

Diet, exercise, weight loss surgery

Amy Slaton

36 years old

Lost 125 pounds

Diet, exercise, weight loss surgery

Chris Combs

41 years old

Lost 150 pounds

Diet, exercise, weight loss surgery

Tammy’s Girls Trip

Bathing Beauty

Before Tammy embarked on her weight-loss journey, her mobility was limited, so she was often stuck at home. Tammy’s only friends were online, and she always felt left out. Now that the 1000-lb Sisters star lost weight, she has more mobility. Tammy has formed strong bonds with people outside her family. Tammy recently went on a girls’ trip, and it highlights how much her life has changed.

Tammy’s girls’ trip landed her poolside, and she donned a fun mermaid print bathing suit for the occasion. Haley posted a photo of herself and Tammy lounging at the pool on Instagram with the caption, “Proud of you#tammyslatonweightloss.” The photo is incredible because, during 1000-lb Sisters season 1, Tammy needed help to get into a swimming pool, let alone swim in one.

Now a carefree Tammy is lounging in the sun with her best friend.

Amy & Tammy Slaton Were Spotted In The UK

The Slatons Take Europe By Storm

Not content with domestic travel, the Slatons have been traveling internationally too. In April, Reddit user u/hereforthelols1999 posted photos of the Slatons in the United Kingdom. The user posted one photo that was clearly of Amy and another of Tammy. According to the original poster, the Slaton sisters were seen in central London and spotted with a film crew. Though it’s unclear what they were filming, chances are they were filming 1000-lb Sisters season 6. Tammy’s size in the photo suggests the photos were taken several months ago, possibly during the fall of 2023.

1000-lb Sisters

seasons 1-5 can be streamed on Discovery +.

Sources: Amy Slaton/TikTok, u/hereforthelols1999/Reddit, Haley Michelle/Instagram

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