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As Kanye West And Bianca Censori Begin To Team Up On Business Matter, An Expert Weighs In On How It Could Affect Their Relationship

Kanye West on My Next Guest Needs No Introduction.

The relationship between Kanye West and Bianca Censori has been marked by a number of interesting and unexpected developments. Since West legally married Censori in 2023, they’ve made headlines due to fashion choices, legal issues and more. More recently though, sources have alleged that the two are getting serious about their joint professional endeavors. All signs point to the two gradually becoming not only partners in marriage but business associates as well. As this plays out, an expert on relationships is weighing in on how these recent happenings might impact the personal dynamic between the couple. 

How Could The Couple’s Business Dealings Impact Their Relationship?

Like a portion of the public, relationship expert Louella Alderson has been keeping tabs on the Wests since their romance became public knowledge. She noted that their marriage can come off as “transactional and business-orientated” at times as evidenced by “limited public displays of affection.” (That lewd taxi incident would probably fit into that category, though.) While discussing a supposed “power imbalance” in the marriage, Alderson also noted that the two were initially colleagues at Yeezy brand before getting involved. But, with the pair now seemingly working together while married, the expert believes that two major changes might result from that: 

Now that they are a couple, Bianca may be taking on a ‘business partner’ role and contributing to Kanye’s company designs in a bigger way rather than being an employee. This could be an opportunity for her to use her skills and expertise in a different way while also supporting Kanye’s creative endeavours. … On one hand, it allows for shared interests and goals, which can strengthen the bond between two people. However, working closely together can also lead to an imbalance of power and possible conflicts if there are differences in opinions or decision-making styles.

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