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Avowed Release Date May Have Been Leaked By Obsidian

Avowed Release Date May Have Been Leaked By Obsidian


  • Avowed may have inadvertently revealed a release date of November 12, 2024, adding more detail than the recent trailer hinted at.
  • Obsidian may have preemptively announced the date but then scrubbed it from the website, sparking speculation about potential delays.
  • Regardless, fans can expect a unique fantasy RPG experience from Obsidian, with more details likely to come before the supposed November launch.

Avowed is already one of Xbox’s most anticipated titles but while Microsoft has yet to reveal the RPG’s release date, developer Obsidian Entertainment may have just let it slip. Making an appearance at the publisher’s June 9 presentation, the story trailer highlighted what players can expect from the experience which seemingly plays very similarly to Bethesda’s beloved The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. There are, of course, some key differences in how the game approaches its world-building and combat and based on a recent message, users won’t need to wait long to see what exactly is unique.

Per IGN, an offical post published by Avowed Director Carrie Patel notes that the game will be in players’ hands on November 12, 2024, which is significantly more detailed than the information provided in the recent story trailer.

A screenshot of Obsidian's Avowed page with the game's release date
Image Credit: IGN

To lend further credibility to the leak, the original post has been tweaked to remove any and all mention of a release date, but IGN was fast enough to snap an image of the unaltered message. It’s currently unknown why Obsidian would scrub all details of the release date from its website just hours after confirming it following a well recieved trailer.


Avowed’s Weapons Already Set It Apart From Other Fantasy RPGs

A number of exciting fantasy RPGs are on the horizon, but Avowed has a particular edge when it comes to the weaponry at players’ fingertips.

Obsidian May Be Taking Precautions

Players Never Like A Delay

This remains pure speculation but its possible that Obsidian has internally locked in November 12 as Avowed‘s release date but is still providing as wide of a window as possible to compensate for any delays. The game has been in development for many years at this point and while its launch has never been publically postponed, using the blanket release window of 2024 could be a means of setting expectations and avoiding disappointment if a delay in inevitable. Regardless, its certainly odd to announce the expected date before immediately removing all trace of it.

Whether or not Avowed does make its leaked November 12 launch date remains to be seen but Obsidian has been working hard on the project for many years now. Having been announced during Xbox’s major 2020 showcase, the team has been relatively quiet on its progress over the last four years. Based on the trailers, its shaping up to be a gorgeous fantasty RPG with a unique world as can be expected from a studio like Obsidian.

Players desperately awaiting for more news on Avowed are in luck because with a supposed release date as early as November 12, more details will likely be shared in the coming months. Obsidian may have highlighted the gameplay and story in its most recent trailers but there’s still a great deal more that needs to be revealed. The game will launch as a Day One title on Game Pass and will be exclusive to Xbox consoles and PC.

Source: IGN



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