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Best Dakota Fanning Movies | Moviefone

Best Dakota Fanning Movies | Moviefone

Dakota Fanning stars in 'The Watchers'.

Dakota Fanning stars in ‘The Watchers’.

We’ve all watched Dakota Fanning grow up on the big screen.

The talented actress began her career at just the age of five and quickly was starring opposite Sean Penn in the Oscar-nominated ‘I Am Sam.’ She would go on in her youth to appear in such films as ‘Man on Fire‘ opposite Denzel Washington, ‘War of the Worlds‘ opposite Tom Cruise, ‘Hide and Seek‘ opposite Robert De Niro and the big screen adaption of Dr. Seuss‘ ‘The Cat in the Hat.’

As an adult, Fanning has continued to appear in high profile movies like ‘The Runaways‘ with Kristen Stewart, ‘Ocean’s Eight,’ with Sandra Bullock, and Quentin Tarantino‘s ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood‘ playing Squeaky Fromme, as well as having a role in ‘The Twilight Saga.’ Most recently, she reunited with her ‘Man on Fire’ co-star Denzel Washington for ‘The Equalizer 3‘.

Her new film, ‘The Watchers‘ opens in theaters on June 7th and was written and directed by Ishana Night Shyamalan, the daughter of filmmaker M. Night Shyamalan.

In honor of the new film, Moviefone is counting down the 20 best movies of Dakota Fanning’s career, including her latest.

Let’s begin!

A scene from 2018's 'Ocean's 8.'

A scene from 2018’s ‘Ocean’s 8.’ Photo: Warner Bros.

Debbie Ocean (Sandra Bullock), a criminal mastermind, gathers a crew of female thieves to pull off the heist of the century at New York’s annual Met Gala.

Set in South Carolina in 1964, this is the tale of Lily Owens (Fanning) a 14 year-old girl who is haunted by the memory of her late mother. To escape her lonely life and troubled relationship with her father, Lily flees with Rosaleen (Jennifer Hudson), her caregiver and only friend, to a South Carolina town that holds the secret to her mother’s past.

“Bring Your Girlfriends, Sisters, Mothers and Daughters.”


PG-131 hr 54 minSep 17th, 2008

Wilbur (Dominic Scott Kay) the pig is scared of the end of the season, because he knows that come that time, he will end up on the dinner table. He hatches a plan with Charlotte (Julia Roberts), a spider that lives in his pen, to ensure that this will never happen.

“Something unexpected, unbelievable, unforgettable.”


G1 hr 37 minDec 15th, 2006

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Forks, Washington resident Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) is reeling from the departure of her vampire love, Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson), and finds comfort in her friendship with Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner), a werewolf. But before she knows it, she’s thrust into a centuries-old conflict, and her desire to be with Edward at any cost leads her to take greater and greater risks.

A newly married couple (Fanning and Theo James) are forced to navigate the all-consuming interest of a powerful, mysterious, and possessive philanthropist.

The Benefactor

“His help comes at a price.”


Not Yet Rated1 hr 30 minApr 17th, 2015

Tom Cruise and Dakota Fanning in director Steven Spielberg's 'War of the Worlds.'

(L to R) Tom Cruise and Dakota Fanning in director Steven Spielberg’s ‘War of the Worlds.’ Photo: Dreamworks/Paramount.

Ray Ferrier (Tom Cruise) is a divorced dockworker and less-than-perfect father. Soon after his ex-wife (Miranda Otto) and her new husband drop off his teenage son (Justin Chatwin) and young daughter (Fanning) for a rare weekend visit, a strange and powerful lightning storm touches down.

“They’re already here.”


PG-131 hr 57 minJun 23rd, 2005

After the birth of Renesmee (Mackenzie Foy), the Cullens gather other vampire clans in order to protect the child from a false allegation that puts the family in front of the Volturi.

Errol Flynn (Kevin Kline), the swashbuckling Hollywood star and notorious ladies man, flouted convention all his life, but never more brazenly than in his last years when, swimming in vodka and unwilling to face his mortality, he undertook a liaison with an aspiring actress, Beverly Aadland (Fanning). The two had a high-flying affair that spanned the globe and was enabled by the girl’s fame-obsessed mother, Florence. It all came crashing to an end in October 1959, when events forced the relationship into the open, sparking an avalanche of publicity castigating Beverly and her mother (Susan Sarandon) – which only fed Florence’s need to stay in the spotlight.

“Beware Cupids arrow”


R1 hr 32 minSep 5th, 2014

Set in postwar America, a man (Ewan McGregor) watches his seemingly perfect life fall apart as his daughter’s (Fanning) new political affiliation threatens to destroy their family.

“A radically ordinary story.”


R1 hr 48 minOct 21st, 2016

Molly Gunn (Brittany Murphy), the freewheeling daughter of a deceased rock legend, is forced to get a job when her manager steals her money. As nanny for precocious Ray (Fanning), the oft ignored daughter of a music executive she learns what it means to be an adult while teaching Ray how to be a child.

“They’re about to teach each other how to act their age.”


PG-131 hr 32 minAug 15th, 2003


Georgina Campbell as Ciara, Dakota Fanning as Mina, Oliver Finnegan as Daniel and Olwen Fouere as Madeline in New Line Cinema’s and Warner Bros. Pictures’ fantasy thriller 'The Watchers', a Warner Bros. Pictures release.

(L to R) Georgina Campbell as Ciara, Dakota Fanning as Mina, Oliver Finnegan as Daniel and Olwen Fouere as Madeline in New Line Cinema’s and Warner Bros. Pictures’ fantasy thriller ‘The Watchers’, a Warner Bros. Pictures release. Photo Credit: Courtesy Warner Bros. Pictures. Copyright: © 2024 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.

When 28-year-old artist Mina (Fanning) finds shelter after getting stranded in an expansive, untouched forest in western Ireland, she unknowingly becomes trapped alongside three strangers that are watched and stalked by mysterious creatures each night.

“Let them see you.”


PG-131 hr 42 minJun 2nd, 2024

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When 28-year-old artist Mina finds shelter after getting stranded in an expansive, untouched forest in western Ireland, she unknowingly becomes trapped alongside… Read the Plot

During a rainy day, and while their mother is out, Conrad (Spencer Breslin) and Sally (Fanning), and their pet fish, are visited by the mischievous Cat in the Hat (Mike Myers). Fun soon turns to mayhem, and the siblings must figure out how to rid themselves of the maniacal Cat.

“Don’t mess with the hat.”


PG1 hr 21 minNov 8th, 2003

8. ‘Push‘ (2009)

After his father, an assassin, is brutally murdered, Nick Gant (Chris Evans) vows revenge on Division, the covert government agency that dabbles in psychic warfare and experimental drugs. Hiding in Hong Kong’s underworld, Nick assembles a band of rogue psychics dedicated to destroying Division. Together with Cassie (Fanning), a teenage clairvoyant, Nick goes in search of a missing girl and a stolen suitcase that could be the key to accomplishing their mutual goal.


“One push can change everything.”


PG-131 hr 51 minFeb 6th, 2009

David Callaway (Robert De Niro) tries to piece together his life in the wake of his wife’s suicide and has been left to raise his nine-year-old daughter, Emily (Fanning) on his own. David is at first amused to discover that Emily has created an imaginary friend named ‘Charlie’, but it isn’t long before ‘Charlie’ develops a sinister and violent side, and as David struggles with his daughter’s growing emotional problems, he comes to the frightening realization that ‘Charlie’ isn’t just a figment of Emily’s imagination.

“Come out, come out, whatever you are.”


R1 hr 41 minJan 27th, 2005

A young girl (Fanning) discovers an idealized parallel universe behind a secret door in her new home, unaware that it contains a sinister secret.

Emma (Dakota Fanning) reports to Frank what is happening in Italy in Columbia Pictures 'The Equalizer 3.'

Emma (Dakota Fanning) reports to Frank what is happening in Italy in Columbia Pictures ‘The Equalizer 3.’ Photo: Stefano Montesi.

Since giving up his life as a government assassin, Robert McCall (Denzel Washington) has struggled to reconcile the horrific things he’s done in the past and finds a strange solace in serving justice on behalf of the oppressed. Finding himself surprisingly at home in Southern Italy, he discovers his new friends are under the control of local crime bosses. As events turn deadly, McCall knows what he has to do: become his friends’ protector by taking on the mafia.

Sam (Sean Penn), a neurodivergent man, has a daughter with a homeless woman who abandons them when they leave the hospital, leaving Sam to raise Lucy (Fanning) on his own. But as Lucy grows up, Sam’s limitations as a parent start to become a problem and the authorities take her away. Sam convinces high-priced lawyer Rita (Michelle Pfeiffer) to take his case pro bono and in turn teaches her the value of love and family.

I Am Sam

“Love is all you need.”


PG-132 hr 12 minDec 3rd, 2001

Joan Jett (Kristen Stewart) and Cherie Currie (Fanning), two rebellious teenagers from Southern California, become the frontwomen for the Runaways — the now-legendary group that paved the way for future generations of female rockers. Under the Svengali-like influence of impresario Kim Fowley (Michael Shannon), the band becomes a huge success.

The Runaways

“It’s 1975 and they’re about to explode.”


R1 hr 46 minJan 24th, 2010

Los Angeles, 1969. TV star Rick Dalton (Leonardo DiCaprio), a struggling actor specializing in westerns, and stuntman Cliff Booth (Brad Pitt), his best friend, try to survive in a constantly changing movie industry. Dalton is the neighbor of the young and promising actress and model Sharon Tate (Margot Robbie), who has just married the prestigious Polish director Roman Polanski (Rafał Zawierucha).

Dakota Fanning and Denzel Washington in director Tony Scott's 'Man on Fire.'

(L to R) Dakota Fanning and Denzel Washington in director Tony Scott’s ‘Man on Fire.’

Jaded ex-CIA operative John Creasy (Washington) reluctantly accepts a job as the bodyguard for a 10-year-old girl (Fanning) in Mexico City. They clash at first, but eventually bond, and when she’s kidnapped he’s consumed by fury and will stop at nothing to save her life.

“Creasy’s art is death, and he is about to paint his masterpiece.”


R2 hr 26 minApr 21st, 2004

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