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Boruto Two Blue Vortex Teases Sarada’s Big Moment

Boruto Two Blue Vortex Teases Sarada’s Big Moment


  • Sarada Uchiha’s full potential will be revealed in the next Boruto chapter, possibly showcasing her Mangekyo Sharingan abilities.
  • The upcoming battle against Hidari will test Sarada’s strength and skill, highlighting the importance of her Uchiha heritage.
  • Fans eagerly anticipate Sarada’s moment to shine as a strong and independent character in Boruto: Two Blue Vortex.

Boruto: Two Blue Vortex has been treating its side characters very well in the past 10 chapters, and the next chapter will possibly feature an exciting and highly anticipated moment for Sarada Uchiha. The future Hokage has been playing a pivotal role in the series, and her full potential will be revealed sooner rather than later.

With a few more days until chapter #11 of Boruto: Two Blue Vortex, the next issue of V Jump received a preview that promotes the upcoming chapter. The two main characters, Boruto and Kawaki, are displayed prominently, but a text revealed that Sarada’s battle with Hidari will also receive the spotlight.

Fans are speculating that the next chapter will see Sarada use the Mangekyo Sharingan she awakened in the Omnipotence arc, and this isn’t without basis. She has improved massively in the past 3 years, and it isn’t entirely out of the question that she can wield her new dojutsu.


Boruto Two Blue Vortex Confirms One Classic Naruto Clan is More Important Than Fans Thought

Kurama mentioned that Himawari could have been chosen due to her Hyuga blood, implying this ancient clan could become important again.

Sarada’s Mangekyo Sharingan Is Necessary Against Hidari

Only the Uchiya’s Strongest Technique Can Help Sarada in This Fight

Against someone like Hidari who not only possesses all of Sasuke’s abilities, but also an almost infinite amount of chakra and the determination to kill Sarada, the three tomoe Sharingan that Sarada is currently using is simply not enough. The only other option is for Boruto to rescue her, but the series has made Sarada more relevant and able to stand on her own. With the abilities that a Mangekyo bestows upon a user, such as Susanoo, and two unique abilities, Sarada might stand a chance against Hidari.

The preview also mentioned that the battles would intensify further. This is true, given that Himawari and Kurama’s tag team will be facing off against Jura, Kawaki is rushing to back Himawari up, and Boruto is fighting off Momoshiki and the Karma from overwhelming him. Despite everything going on, Sarada in action is still what many are waiting for, and the confirmation that indeed something exciting will happen is a great sign for chapter #11.

Sarada’s Time To Shine Is Near

Boruto: Two Blue Vortex Can Do a Lot to Fix Sarada’s Previous Portrayal

Manga panel of Boruto Two Blue Vortex showing Sarada evading Hidari's chidori

With how turbulent and suspenseful Boruto: Two Blue Vortex has been, anything is bound to happen, and Sarada might not even use her Mangekyo Sharingan, but fans will perhaps be most interested in learning her reaction to a clone of her father hunting her down.

Source: X user @howlxithree.

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