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Brits ordered to pay £800 if they want passports back after huge Majorca beach fight | World | News

Brits ordered to pay £800 if they want passports back after huge Majorca beach fight | World | News

A group of “drunken” Brits arrested after a Majorcan beach club fight have been ordered to hand over £850 to get their passports back.

The stag do group can only leave the island once they stump up the cash but they will continue to be investigated by a judge in an ongoing probe.

The men, aged 24 to 30, were told in court yesterday they were under formal investigation on suspicion of two crimes – one of wounding and another which covers actions such as violently resisting arrest and assaulting a police officer.

They have not yet been charged, in Spain formal charges are only laid shortly before trial. The cash the men will have to hand over will be used as a deposit to compensate victims following any convictions.

Sources said that all eight refused to answer any questions from the investigating judge when they were hauled to court in handcuffs by armed cops following a night in police cells.

They were arrested on Wednesday evening after a waiter at a beach club they had been drinking at all day was knocked unconscious and two police officers were injured.

Footage of the battle at the trendy Balneario Illetas beach club, six miles southwest of Palma, went viral yesterday.

Witnesses, including two off-duty police who tried to intervene, have said the Brits turned violent after beachgoers saw one of them throwing an empty beer can into the sea and politely asked them to stop misbehaving.

One beachgoer told officials in a statement after the incident one of the Brits began to attack him with “punches and kicks” after he recriminated him for throwing a can into the sea.

The waiter who was punched unconscious told cops in his statement one of the group of tourists told him: ‘I’m going to kill you’ as he went to aid a colleague before he was hit in the head from behind by a second man thought to be the same one that assaulted his co-worker.

The waiter was taken to hospital for treatment and tests but is not thought to have suffered any lasting damage.

Calvia Council, the local authority, said in a statement ahead of the men’s court appearances: “A mass brawl at the Balneario Illetas restaurant on Wednesday has led to the arrest of eight English men.

“A waiter was injured after being hit in the head and two police officers were also hurt and are awaiting a medical evaluation. The incident occurred around 7.30pm when a group of English tourists were on a stag do.

“One of the restaurant staff spoke to them about their uncivil behaviour when they began to throw rubbish and cans of lager into the sea as well as annoying other customers and sunbathers on the beach.

“The response of the group, who appeared to have drunk excessively, was extremely violent. They attacked staff and confronted the police. The first to intervene were two off-duty Civil Guards. In total a Civil Guard patrol and six local Calvia Town Hall-employed police were mobilised.

“Police sources said they had rarely witnessed such a violent reaction on the part of the detainees who confronted the officers and tried to flee when they saw they were trapped.”

Calvia’s deputy mayor Esperanza Catala subsequently said: “It’s regrettable incidents like this, despite being infrequent, have occurred in our municipality.

“But let no one be mistaken, we are going to be inflexible with this sort of people that we don’t want in Calvia and we are not going to let them get away with anything.

“We are not going to allow anyone to come here that puts the security of our municipality at risk and damages our image. They need to take note and go somewhere else if they don’t know how to behave.”

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