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Calvin and Hobbes Meet the Rocketeer in Heartwarming Crossover Fanart

Calvin and Hobbes Meet the Rocketeer in Heartwarming Crossover Fanart


  • Fan art brings unlikely heroes together, sparking imagination and nostalgia for beloved characters like Calvin and Hobbes and The Rocketeer.
  • Adam Murphy’s creative blend of art styles captures the essence of Calvin and Hobbes’ humorous charm mixed with The Rocketeer’s classic hero intensity.
  • Spaceman Spiff’s presence in the fan art opens up the possibility for a chance meeting with The Rocketeer, highlighting the importance of fan art in community engagement.

An awesome piece of fan art imagining an exhilarating team-up between Calvin and Hobbes‘ Spaceman Spiff and the Rocketeer once again proves that anything is possible in the Multiverse. This mesmerizing take on two heroes not normally associated with each other captures the viewer’s imagination with hints of whimsy and nostalgia for the future and past of the heroes’ adventures.

The piece of art, which was created by artist Adam Murphy and posted to his @adammurphyart account on Instagram, combines elements of the art styles of Calvin and Hobbes creator Bill Watterson, and Dave Stevens, the creator of The Rocketeer. Murphy, who has worked for Disney, Marvel, and Netflix, enjoys expanding, deepening, and sharpening his skill set by drawing the works of other artists. In addition to Watterson and Steven, he’s also recreated the work of Charles Schulz and Hergé of Tintin fame.

In this piece, however, artistic elements blend seamlessly to create an adventuresome work that nevertheless showcases the unique aspects of these beloved characters. Indeed, Murphy’s fan art displays a perfect mix of Calvin and Hobbes‘ irreverent comic strip cool and The Rockteer‘s classic retro-style pulp hero intensity.

The inclusion of Hobbes in the fan art is a testament to Murphy’s creative flair. In most cases, Spaceman Spiff operates alone without any assistance.


Every Character In The Rocketeer Based On A Real Person

Disney’s The Rocketeer features many historical elements from the World War II era, including a number of characters based on real people.

Murphy’s Fan Art Team-Up Is Not As Remote As It Appears

Calvin escapes a zogwarts with a jet pack in Calvin and Hobbes strip

While Calvin and Hobbes and the Rocketeer occupy different times and spaces in the Multiverse and are therefore not normally thought of as team-up potential, Murphy’s use of Spaceman Spiff provides a plausible reason why the two might have a chance to meet. Indeed, there’s even a tacit suggestion in each series of the possibility that the two have met. These possibilities, however, are predicated on the idea that Spaceman Spiff’s interplanetary exploration somehow led him to a portal that led him to the Rocketeer’s world.

The first hypothetical theorizes that the two met “off screen” in one of Calvin and Hobbes’ early comic strips. One of Spaceman Spiff’s iconic characteristics is his use of futuristic gadgets. He’s even been depicted using a Rocketeer-like jet pack while escaping a group of evil Zogwargs. However, unlike his other gadgets – such as his Death Ray Blaster – little is known about the jet pack outside a few brief off-handed mentions of it. Indeed, his jet pack seems to be a tool he did not start out with, but rather obtained during his exploration of space, such as from someone – like the Rocketeer- he once met on a mission.

Murphy’s Work Proves The Importance Of Fan Art

Cliff Secord finds gets the jet pack in the Rocketeer

In the second hypothetical, while exploring Earth, Spaceman Spiff loses his jet pack – a situation fans of the hero, and his Calvin alter-ego, know is absolutely possible. Ultimately, the jet pack finds its way into Clifford Secord’s possession as depicted in the beginning of the original comic book series – thereby starting Secord’s adventures as the Rocketeer. Naturally, Spaceman Spiff wouldn’t want to leave without his trusty gadget, which leads to his search for it and eventually meeting with the Rocketeer.

While these are just two possible theories of how a Spaceman Spliff – Rocketeer team-up might arise, the most important point about the collaboration, however, is how Murphy’s fan art serves as a catalyst for its consideration. Indeed, while fan art is first and foremost a venue for creative expression, it also serves to facilitate community engagement and alternate world-building scenarios. Murphy’s piece contributes in all these ways by uniting two iconic comic book brands – Calvin and Hobbes and The Rocketeer – that would typically never be associated with one another.

Source: @adammurphyart

Calvin and Hobbes Poster

Calvin and Hobbes

Calvin and Hobbes was a satirical comic strip series that ran from 1985-1995, written, drawn, and colored by Bill Watterson. The series follows six-year-old Hobbes and his stuffed Tiger, Calvin, that examines their lives through a whimsical lens that tackles everyday comedic issues and real-world issues that people deal with.

Bill Watterson

Bill Watterson

Andrews McMeel Publishing

the rocketeer

The Rocketeer

Based on the 1982 comic book series, The Rocketeer, created by Dave Stevens, this 1991 superhero film was directed by Joe Johnston. Starring Billy Campbell, the movie seems a stunt pilot becoming a superhero by using a hidden rocket pack to fly around.

Joe Johnston

Release Date
June 21, 1991

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