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Damian Wayne’s New ‘Pet’ Makes Robin’s Dragon-Bat Look Like a Squeak Toy (But Will Batman Let Him Keep It?)

Damian Wayne's New 'Pet' Makes Robin's Dragon-Bat Look Like a Squeak Toy (But Will Batman Let Him Keep It?)


  • Damian Wayne’s possible new pet, teased in
    Batman and Robin
    #12, would make Goliath the Dragon-Bat look like a purse poodle.
  • Batman could be facing a possible parental dilemma and the title of the ultimate hypocrite when it comes to Damian’s new pet.
  • The upcoming dinosaur-themed adventure may see Damian pleading with Batman to let him keep the prehistoric beast despite the challenges it may pose.

Batman’s fifth Robin, Damian Wayne, is well known for his love of animals and his menagerie of pets, which includes his gray Great Dane, Titus; Alfred the cat; the beloved Batcow; Jerry the turkey; and Goliath, Damian’s Dragon-Bat. However, it seems the Boy Wonder isn’t satisfied with his small zoo, as he now has his sights set on another pet that makes even the gigantic Goliath look like a purse poodle.

On August 14, 2024, fans can look forward to Joshua Williamson and Juan Ferreyra’s Batman and Robin #12. This issue marks the second installment of a new story arc that takes the dynamic duo to Dinosaur Island. As anticipated, the Boy Wonder and the Dark Knight will face various encounters with the animatronic creatures that inhabit the island.


Batman and Robin #12 featuring Damian Wayne

Release Date:

August 14, 2024


Joshua Williamson


Juan Ferreyra

Cover Artist:

Simone Di Meo

Variant Covers:

Juan Ferreyra, Simone Di Meo, and Vasco Georgiev

Years ago, Bane killed Alfred Pennyworth right in front of Damian. And now, on Dinosaur Island, there is nothing stopping Robin from getting his revenge! Except his father, Batman! And the giant dinosaurs, of course.

Interestingly, a variant cover by Ferreyra hints that Damian might be considering adding one of these mechanical beasts to his ever-growing menagerie of pets. This raises the question: Will Batman allow Robin to keep the robotic creature, or will the Dark Knight become the ultimate hypocrite?


The Birds of Prey Debut New Jungle Costumes – Perfect for Fighting Dinosaurs

The Birds of Prey get all-new looks as they travel through a prehistoric jungle and battle dinosaurs on their journey to rescue Barbara Gordon.

Damian Wayne Becomes the ‘Dinosaur Whisperer’ in Breath-Taking Variant Cover for Batman and Robin

Batman and Robin 12 OTO (Ferreyrar)

Ferreyra’s variant cover is as fun as it is gorgeous, featuring soft colors and intricate linework that unfolds into a dinosaur-saturated dream. The artwork depicts Batman perched atop a ‘hoodoo,’ a tall, pillar-like rock formation, with his black cape billowing in the wind. Behind him, a colossal green pterodactyl looms, mirroring his imposing presence. Yet, the true highlight of the scene is Robin, smiling as he sits astride the beast. In the backdrop, a menagerie of prehistoric creatures, including pterodactyls and sauropods, adds to the enchantment. Undoubtedly, this remarkable variant cover ignites excitement among fans for the upcoming dinosaur-themed adventure.

If Batman refuses to let Robin keep the pterodactyl, he’ll undoubtedly be labeled the ultimate hypocrite, given Bruce’s ownership of a giant T-Rex from Dinosaur Island.

Damian’s smile and apparent command over the prehistoric beast indicate his fondness and ability to ‘tame’ it. Given his history with unusual pets, it’s probable that by the end of the Dinosaur Island adventure, Damian will be pleading with his father to let him keep the pterodactyl. However, integrating this new addition into Damian’s growing pet collection may prove challenging, especially as the Dynamic Duo currently reside in a brownstone rather than Wayne Manor. Perhaps Damian can find a place for the pterodactyl alongside Goliath the Dragon-Bat.

Bruce Wayne is a HUGE Hypocrite If He Doesn’t Let His Damian Keep His Pterodactyl

Batman and Robin #11 featuring Damian taking a picture of a dinosaur

If Batman refuses to let Robin keep the pterodactyl, he’ll undoubtedly be labeled the ultimate hypocrite, given Bruce’s ownership of a giant T-Rex from Dinosaur Island. Admittedly, the T-Rex is currently inactive, and Damian likely wants a functional pet, but Bruce will struggle to justify denying Damian a dinosaur when he himself has one. However, Batman does have a parental trump card up his sleeve to use against Robin—the classic “We have food at home” argument, albeit with a unique twist: “We have a dinosaur at home.

Batman and Robin #12 will be released on August 14, 2024, from DC Comics!

Batman Stands in Detective Comic Art by Jason Fabok


One of DC’s most iconic heroes, Batman is the vigilante superhero persona of billionaire Bruce Wayne. Forged by tragedy with the death of his parents, Bruce dedicated his life to becoming the world’s leading martial artist, detective, and tactician. Recruiting an entire family of allies and sidekicks, Bruce wages war on evil as the dark knight of his hometown, Gotham City.

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