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David Corenswet’s Superman & Jensen Ackles’ Batman Team-Up Art Gives Us The DC Universe Pair Up We Want

David Corenswet's Superman & Jensen Ackles' Batman Team-Up Art Gives Us The DC Universe Pair Up We Want


  • Corenswet’s Superman and Ackles’ Batman fan casting creating buzz in new DC Universe art.
  • James Gunn’s Superman film in the works, along with The Brave and The Bold movie introducing Batman.
  • Ackles a fan-favorite choice for Batman, potential to be one of DC Universe’s best casting choices.

The World’s Finest comes to life with David Corenswet’s Superman and the fan casting of Jensen Ackles as Batman in new DC Universe art. With James Gunn’s Superman film currently being filmed, DC Studios is also developing The Brave and The Bold movie, which will mark Batman’s DC Universe debut. While the new Caped Crusader has yet to be cast, the DC Universe audience has been sharing their various candidates for who should play the Gotham City superhero.

For the longest time, Ackles has continued to get brought up as a top candidate for the DC Universe’s new Batman. To show what Corenswet and Ackles could look like together as Superman and Batman, Smartsheep.Art shared new art of the two actors together as the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight.

As Corenswet’s official Superman suit is depicted in a cleaner way, Ackles’ Batman costume is inspired by Bruce’s DC Rebirth suit. While Batman won’t be in the Superman movie, it wouldn’t be shocking if a World’s Finest project happens at some point down the line under DC Studios.


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Batman has some exciting movies in store, with the Dark Knight set to play a major role in James Gunn’s new DC Universe and more in the near future.

Why Jensen Ackles Would Be Perfect As Batman In The DC Universe

As there have been a lot of Batman fan-casting ideas for the DC Universe, Ackles has been one of the most favored ones. Ackles himself is also a major Batman fan, as he has expressed at numerous conventions and in interviews that he would love to play the DC icon in live-action. If Ackles were to get tapped to play the Caped Crusader, it would be one of the DC Universe’s best casting choices of all time.

Ackles has made a big name for himself over the last two decades, from his tremendous lead role on Supernatural as Dean Winchester. However, Ackles is also no stranger to superhero properties, as he played Soldier Boy in The Boys, proving himself to be an incredible action star. The world has also already gotten a taste of Ackles as the Dark Knight, as he voiced Batman in DC’s animated Tomorrowverse, with his run set to come to an end with Justice League: Crisis on Infinite Earths – Part Three later this year.

Since The Brave and The Bold script is seemingly still being worked on, it will likely be quite some time before they start casting Batman. Whether or not Ackles will end up being the one to wear the cape and cowl in Gunn’s DC Universe remains to be seen. When the time comes for DC Studios to start its casting search for Batman in the DC Universe, Ackles will hopefully be someone they consider for the franchise.

Source: Smartsheep.Art/Instagram

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