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DC Officially Reveals the Price on Joker’s Head, But It Makes No Sense

DC Officially Reveals the Price on Joker's Head, But It Makes No Sense


  • Gotham City Police place a low bounty on Joker’s head, which many might find insulting (including the clown himself).
  • The fact that the GCPD is offering up a reward for the Joker is laughable, considering they have a city full of vigilantes willing to find and apprehend the Joker for free.
  • No Gothamite in their right mind would call in a tip on the Joker for such a low amount of money.

WARNING: Potential Spoilers For The Boy Wonder #2!The Gotham City Police Department has officially put a price on Joker’s head, but the reward money is so meager that it wouldn’t be surprising if the Clown Prince of Crime lodged a formal complaint, demanding an increase in the bounty on his head. One thing is certain, though, no sane Gotham citizen would risk crossing the Joker for such a paltry sum.

In The Boy Wonder #2, Juni Ba’s highly regarded Black Label series continues with the introduction of Red Hood to the storyline. As the series explores the origins of all of Batman’s Robins through Damian Wayne’s perspective, it’s no surprise that this issue, centered around Jason Todd, would feature his erstwhile murderer, The Joker.

The Boy Wonder #2 featuring Red Hood and Joker Wanted Posters

However, the Clown Prince of Crime doesn’t make a physical appearance but instead remains a looming presence over Gotham City. This presence is emphasized by wanted posters plastered throughout the city, offering a reward of $100,000 for his capture.

Joker’s GCPD Sanctioned WANTED Poster Puts the Gotham Rogue’s Worth at an Insulting $100,000 (Before Taxes)

Given the Joker’s status as one of Gotham’s most notorious supervillains, a $100,000 bounty on his head seems woefully inadequate. This amount fails to reflect the extensive harm he has caused, both in terms of lives lost and property damage. Moreover, it would be foolish for anyone in Gotham to risk antagonizing the Clown Prince of Crime for such a paltry sum, especially considering that, after taxes, the actual payout would likely be closer to $75,000. While $75,000 may appear substantial at first glance, the potential repercussions—such as the Joker seeking revenge on those involved in his capture—far outweigh the financial reward.

The existence of wanted posters featuring the Joker is rather amusing for a few reasons. Firstly, every resident of Gotham is familiar with the clown’s appearance and knows that he’s wanted by the GCPD, so these posters seem redundant. Moreover, the abundance of vigilantes in Gotham willing to apprehend the Joker for free renders the reward money and posters unnecessary. Therefore, they serve as more of a novelty than a practical measure. Nonetheless, it’s still entertaining to see the Clown Prince of Crime depicted on his very own wanted poster in Ba’s stunning art style.

Will the Clown Prince of Crime’s Specter Continue to Haunt Juni Ba’s The Boy Wonder Comic Series?

The Boy Wonder #2 featuring Red Hood and the Joker

As previously mentioned, the Joker doesn’t physically appear in The Boy Wonder #2. However, his presence is strongly felt through various mentions and in a notable instance where Red Hood hallucinates the clown. Love it or hate it, the Joker is a significant part of Gotham and the lives of the Bat-Family, so it will be intriguing to see if Ba continues to make his presence felt throughout the story. However, it’s unlikely that the Joker will be featured in the next issue, which will spotlight Red Robin, who has stronger connections to Ra’s al Ghul than the clown.

The Boy Wonder #2 is available now from DC Comics!

THE BOY WONDER #2 (2024)

The Boy Wonder 2 Main Cover: Robin and Red Hood in a cartoonish style sit on a grimy roof.

  • Writer: Juni Ba
  • Artist: Juni Ba
  • Colorist: Chris O’Halloran
  • Letterer: Aditya Bidikar
  • Cover Artist: Juni Ba

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