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DCU’s Superman Costume Reveal Image Recreated With Jensen Ackles’ Batman In Stunningly Realistic Art

DCU's Superman Costume Reveal Image Recreated With Jensen Ackles' Batman In Stunningly Realistic Art


  • DC Universe fan art imagines Jensen Ackles as Batman in a modern reimagining, sparking excitement for new Batman iteration in The Brave and The Bold.
  • Ackles remains a top choice for Batman casting, pending DC Universe’s completion of The Brave and The Bold movie script for final casting decisions.
  • The upcoming DC reboot film will introduce a new Batman and a brand new Batsuit design, drawing inspiration from the modern DC Rebirth iteration.

DC Universe artwork imagines Jensen Ackles’ Batman fan casting as he gets David Corenswet’s Superman costume reveal treatment for The Brave and The Bold. While DCU Chapter 1, “Gods and Monsters,” will debut with Superman as the first film from the DC Universe, Batman is also getting reimagined for Gunn and Peter Safran’s franchise. DC Studios is currently developing its The Brave and The Bold movie, which will explore Bruce Wayne discovering that he has a son, Damian Wayne, who ends up becoming the next Robin.

Ever since the January 2023 announcement, the DC Universe has been actively waiting to see who will be the next live-action incarnation of the Dark Knight. While time will tell who ends up playing Batman in the DC Universe, captracc_ shared new fan art of what Ackles could look like as the iconic Gotham City crime fighter.

In this rendition, Ackles is seen suiting up as Batman, similar to Gunn’s official reveal of Corenswet’s Superman suit, with the Bat-Signal shining in the sky behind Bruce. The Batman costume that Ackles is seen wearing is based on the DC Rebirth iteration of the uniform.


10 Must-Have Requirements For The New Batman Costume In James Gunn’s DC Universe

DC will be introducing a new Batman in the DCU reboot’s The Brave and the Bold movie and they will need to design a brand new Batsuit for him.

Will Jensen Ackles Actually Be The DC Universe’s Batman?

As Ackles continues to be a top contender in Batman fan casting for the DC Universe, the question of whether or not The Brave and The Bold movie may actually tap him as the franchise’s Caped Crusader remains a fascinating one. While Batman is set to be one of the big characters to debut during Chapter 1, “Gods and Monsters,” there has been little movement regarding his reboot film. Despite The Flash director Andy Muschietti being attached, casting doesn’t seem to be happening anytime soon.

Even though Ackles is open to playing Batman and would be more than a great fit for the role, it won’t matter until The Brave and The Bold movie script is in place. Gunn has made it clear that until a screenplay is finished for a DC Universe film, DC Studios won’t commence with the casting search. It is only once they have their vision in place that they will start to look at actors for various roles, which includes a major role like Batman.

Depending on the age range being looked at for the DCU Batman, Ackles could, at the very least, audition for the gig, unless he and DC Studios get in direct talks about the possibility beforehand. Similar to how Corenswet was a major fan-favorite choice to play Superman, it would be massive if Ackles were to get tapped as Batman, especially as he is also a big fan of the character and has even voiced him through animation. Hopefully, as The Brave and The Bold starts to come together, Ackles will ideally get to try out for the role of Batman in Gunn’s DC Universe.

Source: captracc_/Instagram

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