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Did Great Sapol Attend the Ball?

Did Great Sapol Attend the Ball?

Wandee Goodday released episode 8 on Saturday, June 22, 2024, at 8:30 p.m. ICT on channel GMM 25. The popular ongoing Thai BL drama follows Yoryak (Great Sapol Assawamunkong) and Wandee’s (Inn Sarin Ronnakiat) journey from friends with benefits to fake boyfriends. Their pretend relationship turns into something deep and meaningful as they begin to find comfort in each other’s company.

Episode 8 of Wandee Goodday sees Yoryak returning the necklace to Wandee after the latter shares his first kiss with the former. Afterward, he clarifies that he no longer has feelings for Ter. Meanwhile, Yoryak apologizes for breaking up with him and promises not to do it again. Furthermore, he also apologizes to his brother, Yei, for what happened at the boxing match.

Following that, Wandee discusses with Plakao that Yoryak could have been hallucinating during his matches. The latter says it could be trauma issues and asks the former to bring him to see him. Furthermore, Ter asks Wandee to attend the hospital’s anniversary ball with him. However, Kwan then asks the former to be her dance partner. Wandee says he’d bring his special someone to the ball. Following that, he asks Yoryak to be his partner at the event.

Wandee Goodday episode 8 recap: Great Sapol attends the ball for Inn Sarin

When Taemrak asks Yoryak if he’d go to the ball, the latter says yes as gave his word to Wandee. Furthermore, the former reaches out to the latter for help after Ohm forces himself on her. Yoryak then tells Wandee to head to the ball first after seeing Taemrak’s text. The former reaches on time as Taemrak reports Ohm to the Dean. Meanwhile, Ter tells Wandee he has realized his feelings for him. However, the latter turns the former’s proposal down this time.

Furthermore, Yoryak makes it to the ball right when the dance is about to begin. He then charmingly asks his “prince,” Wandee to share a dance with him. Afterward, during their romantic dance, Yoryak tells Wandee he loves him. Stay tuned for updates on future episodes!

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