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Euphoria’s Chloe Cherry Is The Latest Co-Star To Offer Season 3 Update

Chloe Cherry

Questions about what’s going on with Season 3 of Euphoria haven’t stopped growing in number, and the more we hear about it, the less likely it sounds like it will happen anytime soon. Amidst rumors that Zendaya disliked the original Season 3 script, actress Chloe Cherry was asked about the HBO drama’s future. Suffice it to say, her answer shouldn’t instill abundant confidence we’ll see a new season in the near or distant future.

After seeing Faye entering the mix for Season 2, Euphoria fans might be wondering if and when they’ll see Cherry’s character again. Daily Mail had the chance to ask the actress directly what’s up, but unfortunately, it seems she’s as in the dark on things as everyone else. In her words:

No one talks to me. They really don’t talk to me. . . . I would definitely go back, but they just leave me in the dark, let’s just say that.

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