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Extended FragPunk Trailer Showcases Hero Shooter’s Card-Based Powerups

Extended FragPunk Trailer Showcases Hero Shooter’s Card-Based Powerups

Developer Bad Guitar Studio showed a FragPunk trailer at the Xbox Showcase on Sunday, with the full three-and-a-half-minute extended trailer launching on Tuesday. It didn’t show much of FragPunk’s gameplay that wasn’t in the showcase. However, it gives a better look at some of the playable characters and their card-based powerups.

What powerups are in the extended FragPunk trailer?

The extended FragPunk trailer opens with the flashy-dressed agent Broker infiltrating a facility where the masked Axon ambushes him. The trailer then flashes back to a few months earlier when Broker struggled to get past an enemy squad. After trying and failing by conventional methods, his teammate activates her world flip card, turning the corridor upside down.

Broker then activates his Dragon’s breath card, filling his shotgun with incendiary shells. After blowing away the rest of his enemies, Broker and his teammate move on to the next area. There, she uses Chain Reaction to kill several enemies with one bullet. However, an enemy hero uses the Blade Master card to block Broker’s rocket.

The gameplay clips were in Microsoft’s showcase, showing the FragPunk powerups Strange Herbs, Big Head, and Death’s Embrace cards in action. However, the extended FragPunk trailer also previews more of the game’s heroes. In addition to Broker, Axon, and the engineer Nitro, it introduces the lighting-wielding Jaguar and mummy-themed Serket.

After the gameplay clips, the trailer flashes forward to Axon shooting Broker and activating Death’s Embrace to finish him off. However, Broker has a card up his sleeve called Hud Remix, which he uses to swap Axon’s health bar with his, making Axon the reaper’s new target. This was an animated segment instead of gameplay. However, it is an interesting example of how FragPunk’s rule-changing gameplay can let players turn the tables unexpectedly.

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