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‘F—k That’: One Thing Michael Keaton Really Did Not Enjoy About The Public Reaction To His Beetlejuice Character

Michael Keaton

The beloved spooky movie character Beetlejuice is returning to the big screen very soon. The sequel film, Beetlejuice Beetlejuice is set to be helmed by Tim Burton and features an all-star cast in Catherine O’Hara, Jenna Ortega, and Willem Dafoe. Michael Keaton is also returning as the titular character, which is making the upcoming horror flick one of the most anticipated of the year. Apparently, Keaton had some problems with how the public reacted to the character, and wanted to make sure it didn’t affect the way he approached the character this second time around.

After Beetlejuice was released in 1988, the character became somewhat of a cultural touchstone for many. The character ended up on T-shirts, mugs, backpacks, and any other marketing material you can think of. Beetlejuice’s oddities drew many fans to the character, and in his own way became a pop culture icon especially amongst Tim Burton fans. This was something Michael Keaton found very off putting, considering it was his face and performance being marketed. He wanted the pop culture figure to be separate from him, and wanted to go back to his original influences for the character. He said to Empire:

That was fucking weird. To be honest with you – I’m being very frank – it was off-putting, to look and go, ‘I don’t want to look like all these little things, fuck that – what was the thing that started this?’

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