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Falynn Pina & Jaylan Banks’ Relationship Explained

Falynn Pina & Jaylan Banks' Relationship Explained


  • Falynn and Jaylan welcomed their daughter Emma Sang Pina in November 2021.
  • Falynn has three sons from previous relationships and broke up with Jaylan in 2023.
  • The couple dated for less than two years and appeared on VH1’s Couples Retreat.

Former “friend of” on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Falynn Pina, was famously in a relationship with Jaylan Banks after divorcing Simon Guobadia, and curiosity surrounds their relationship status. In August 2021, Falynn announced she and Jaylan were expecting their first child together. Falynn’s fourth pregnancy came a few months after she finalized her divorce from Porsha Williams’ now ex-husband, Simon. The pregnancy announcement seemed to point to cheating allegations Simon made against her and Jaylan. While she’s not on RHOA anymore, the drama she created helped continue the franchise favorite to the anticipated RHOA season 16.

Falynn has become a topic of discussion after getting dumped by Simon for Porsha. When Porsha and Simon announced their engagement in May 2021, Porsha claimed she and Falynn weren’t friends, despite the show claiming otherwise. Falynn and Simon made a brief appearance in RHOA season 13 as husband and wife, but shortly after filming wrapped, the couple ended their marriage. Simon went on to start dating Porsha while accusing Falynn of cheating on him with Jaylan during their marriage. Falynn and Jaylan attempted to hide their relationship and claimed they were only friends before confirming their romance in mid-2021.


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Falynn & Jaylan Have Welcomed A Daughter After RHOA

Their Daughter Was Born In November 2021

In November 2021, Falynn gave birth to her and Jaylan’s first child together, a baby girl named Emma Sang Pina. In an interview with E! News at the time, Jaylan said that Falynn “did such an amazing job” giving birth, even calling her “Superwoman.” The couple announced they were expecting their first child together in a 15-minute YouTube video from August 2021, shortly after they confirmed their relationship.

A month after they announced Falynn had given birth, she shared the first photo of Emma. In the image revealed in a part E! News article, Falynn’s daughter was wrapped in a white blanket with a white flower above her ear. She looked absolutely adorable, and her parents gushed about how happy they were to have her.

BeforeFalynn welcomed her child with Jaylan, she was already a mother to three boys from previous relationships. After Porsha’s engagement announcement rocked the Housewives fanbase, Falynn took to social media to give fans more insight into her life as a businesswoman and mother. “I am a real estate investor. I paint abstract art. I carry a successful BLACK man’s legacy. I raise my BLACK husband’s BLACK sons,” she said in a post captured by The Sun.

Falynn and Simon never had any kids together.

Falynn also noted how Simon was the first older man she had ever dated. He was also the first and only time she’d ever been married. “Simon [Guobadia] was the first man I ever dated that was much older than me, let alone marry,” she added.

Falynn & Jaylan Had A Large Family After RHOA

Falynn Has Three Sons And A Daughter With Jaylan

Falynn & Jaylan with his arm around her from RHOA

During her marriage, Falynn and Simon raised their eight children together. Falynn had three boys before welcoming her daughter, while Simon had five children. Falynn’s eldest son, Troy, is close in age to his mother, who she gave birth to when she was 17. Her second son is Liam, while her third son’s name is unknown to the media.

In a post shared by Onsite!, the three men believed to be the fathers of Falynn’s three older kids were revealed. One man appears to be an aspiring rapper, while another looks like a fashion connoisseur. Another has been photographed with Falynn’s son, proving his co-parenting relationship with her. Jaylan is Falynn’s fourth baby daddy, and the news of her pregnancy surprised many fans at the time.

Falynn & Jaylan Broke Up Last Year

They Broke Up After Less Than Two Years Together

Falynn & Jaylan on a couch together smiling

In a since-deleted Instagram post, both Falynn and Jaylan confirmed the two had decided to break up. The former pair shared the post on February 9, 2023, according to E! News. In the shared post, Falynn and Jaylan wrote in the caption, “It is with deep sadness in our hearts that we have decided to end our journey as a couple. Though we love each other very much, we feel it is best to part ways. Our bond as friends and family will never be broken.” The couple were together for less than two years and were engaged.

Falynn wanted to make things work with Jaylan, but she’s been unlucky in love.

The split came as a shock as it took place less than a month after Falynn revealed she and Jaylan had suffered a miscarriage. Falynn had shared the news via an Instagram post in early January 2023, confirming Falynn was in the hospital and how sad both she and Jaylan were about the loss. However, the pregnancy loss seemed to have sparked the end of their relationship. Falynn and Jaylan even appeared on VH1’s Couples Retreat season 3 last summer; however, their efforts to make the relationship work didn’t last.

To her credit, Falynn does a great job of keeping her family life private and outside the public eye. She rarely posts about her older children and values their privacy. Her pregnancy announcement also hinted at how long she had been involved with Jaylan, as well as the possibility of Simon’s cheating claims being valid. The Real Housewives of Atlanta alum may not be on the show anymore, but she made a splash when she was a cast member.

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