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Five unanswered questions after Michael Mosley found dead | World | News

Five unanswered questions after Michael Mosley found dead | World | News

Dr Michael Mosley was found dead on Sunday after leaving his friends and wife to go on a walk along the Greek island of Symi, but there are five answered questions surrounding the TV doctor’s tragic passing.

Mosley was last seen in Pedi, but his body was discovered roughly a 30 minute walk away and on the opposite side of the bay from where he’d set off on his walk on Wednesday.

He was found after an intensive five-day search on the rocky terrain of a small resort only accesible by boat or foot, and his wife, Dr Clare Bailey, said the family is taking comfort in the fact that he “almost made it” to his destination.

But several questions around his death remain unanswered.

Where was his backpack?

Mosley’s body was found away from away from a designated path lined with barbed wire, as it’s believed he took a wrong turn and had to clamber over a rocky trail for two miles, but where was his backpack?

The broadcaster’s backpack was found a further 20ft up the rocky hill. His wife responded to the news of his death: “I don’t know quite where to begin with this. It’s devastating to have lost Michael, my wonderful, funny, kind and brilliant husband.”

Did he fall down the mountain?

CCTV showed Mosley walking down the mountainous trail towards Agia Marina where the path ended, and he can be seen descending towards a wall before disappearing from view, according to The Sun. It remains unclear from the footage where he sat down or stumbled.

Did he bang his head on the walk?

After news of Mosley’s disappearance and death broke, theories regarding his final moments began swirling. Many people questioned whether he could have collapsed or slipped and banged his head along the rocky terrain. However, a post-mortem revealed that he died of natural causes based on the position of his body and lack of injuries.

Why did it take four days to find his body?

Mosley went missing on Wednesday but was not found until Sunday, despite an emergency helicopter hovering over the spot where his body was eventually found.

The helicopter circled Pedi for hours on Saturday but did not find anything. Instead, a TV crew filming with the local mayor and his deputy found the body.

Ilias Tsavaris, a bar manager, first saw Mr Mosley’s body along with reporters. He said: “They saw it with the boat. The mayor came and saw something so that is when they called me and said ‘Hey they saw something go and check there’.”

Was he feeling ill when he died?

Greek journalist Ionna Niaoti claimed Mosley “was not feeling very well” before he set off on his walk back to where they were staying.

She told TalkTV: “It is understood that about 1:30 pm local time, he said he was not feeling very well and he wanted to return home. So he went to a coastal path reaching the closest the village of Pedi, and this was the last time somebody saw him in Pedi.”

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