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Funniest countries revealed as German’s shown to have more humour than Brits | UK | News

Funniest countries revealed as German's shown to have more humour than Brits | UK | News

The funniest countries have been revealed and the results may leave us Brits raising eyebrows.

With their lighthearted teasing banter Australia is officially the country that will make you laugh until you cry – with the US second.

Scraping Bee analysed thousands of Reddit threads and hundreds of thousands of comments to find out which country has the most humorous and actively vocal online members.

Despite our ironic, sarcastic and often satirical humour, Germany placed above the UK with a score of 60 percent in third, debunking a stereotype that Germans have no sense of humour.

The UK did however come in a respectful fourth position with a score of 59 percent, just one percent behind Germany.

Rounding up the top five was New Zealand with a score of 58 percent.

The Irish who are known for their storytelling and banter based humour just sneaked inside the top 10.

Most countries in the top ten have a good percentage of English speakers.

Most humorous countries by percent of attempted jokes:

  1. Australia – 64%

  2. USA – 64%

  3. Germany – 60%

  4. UK – 59%

  5. New Zealand – 58%

  6. Switzerland – 57%

  7. Norway – 56%

  8. Brazil – 56%

  9. Netherlands 56%

  10. Ireland – 56%

Also analysed was the percentage of jokes made by people in Britain and Ireland. Out of the four countries Scotland is where you can expect te highest amount of people cracking jokes with a score of 61 percent.

However, there was no significant difference in the percentage of attempted jokes amongst these countries. With England coming in second at 60 percent, Wales with 58 percent and Ireland coming narrowly last with 56 percent.

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