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Grey’s Anatomy’s Most Exciting Spinoff Future Isn’t Station 19

Grey's Anatomy's Most Exciting Spinoff Future Isn't Station 19


  • Private Practice
    was a successful
    Grey’s Anatomy
    spin-off with an exceptional cast and nuanced plots.
  • Series creator Shonda Rhimes is open to more
    Private Practice
    stories, which sparked interest from the original cast, including Kate Walsh.
  • Kate Walsh’s character, Addison Montgomery, has made appearances on
    Grey’s Anatomy
    since the spin-off ended in 2013.

Grey’s Anatomy‘s second spin-off came to an end after a 6-year run with Station 19 season 7’s finale. While the conclusion of the firefighter-centered action-drama series marks the end of an era for the universe that Shonda Rhimes created with Grey’s Anatomy, the parent series is still alive and well. In fact, Grey’s Anatomy season 21 has been green-lit, further cementing the show’s history-making run. However, Station 19 isn’t the only Grey’s spin-off — nor is it the most lauded. In 2007, Rhimes created her beloved series’ first spin-off: Private Practice.

The 6-season spin-off, which ran until 2013, chronicles Dr. Addison Montgomery‘s (Kate Walsh) change of scenery. After following her soon-to-be-ex-husband Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey) across the country to Seattle, Addison realizes there’s nothing left in their marriage to salvage. Although Addison was the first to cheat — she memorably had a fling with Mark “McSteamy” Sloan (Eric Dane) — Derek is very much smitten with Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo). Eager to move on with her life, Addison relocates to Los Angeles to work at Seaside Health & Wellness Center, the series’ titular private practice.

Private Practice Outshined Grey’s Anatomy For Many Years

A few months after Private Practice‘s season 6 renewal, ABC announced that the sixth outing would be the spin-off’s last. Written by Rhimes, Private Practice‘s backdoor pilot was wedged into an expanded two-hour broadcast of a Grey’s Anatomy season 3 episode. Initially, Addison Montgomery travels to Los Angeles to seek a consult from Dr. Naomi Bennett (Audra McDonald), a reproductive endocrinology and infertility specialist who also happens to be Addison’s friend. While Addison doesn’t receive great news regarding her chances of having a child, she learns a lot about the Oceanside Wellness Center and its staff.

Series creator Shonda Rhimes has been pretty vocal about having plenty of Private Practice stories left to tell.

While most spin-offs rarely hold a candle to their predecessor, Private Practice is the exception. Even the sister shows’ crossover moments are memorable, especially during Private Practice season 2. Despite its medical drama focus, Private Practice separates itself from Grey’s Anatomy, often digging deeper into far more nuanced plots than its parent series. Needless to say, there’s definitely a niche for the spin-off to fill — as well as an interest in reviving it. Series creator Shonda Rhimes has been pretty vocal about having plenty of Private Practice stories left to tell (via Deadline).


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Kate Walsh and Many Cast Members Are Open To Returning For Private Practice

Even Shonda Rhimes Has More Private Practice Stories To Tell

One of the key reasons the Grey’s Anatomy spin-off was so successful? Private Practice boasts a remarkable cast of characters. In addition to Kate Walsh’s Addison Montgomery and six-time Tony Award winner Audra McDonald’s Naomi Bennett, the series also features Pete Wilder (Tim Daly), Cooper Freedman (Paul Adelstein), Charlotte King (KaDee Strickland), William “Dell” Parker (Chris Lowell), Sam Bennett (Taye Diggs), Violet Turner (Amy Brenneman), Sheldon Wallace (Brian Benben), Jake Reilly (Benjamin Bratt), and, of course, current Grey’s Anatomy regular Amelia Shepherd (Caterina Scorsone). Carrying on Grey’s Anatomy‘s focus on an ensemble, Private Practice has many compelling threads.

Kate Walsh chimed in about revisiting
Private Practice
, expressing her excitement about Rhimes’ words.

In the wake of Rhimes’ comments about the spin-off’s “endless possibility,Kate Walsh chimed in about revisiting Private Practice, expressing her excitement about Rhimes’ words. “That cast and I — we’re all very close… And I think everybody would be thrilled to do something in that area,” Walsh said in an interview. “[Even if it’s] for a limited thing.” That said, knowing the bulk of the cast is interested in returning to a show that they loved working on makes it easier to get the wheels in motion for a Private Practice comeback.


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The World Has Changed Since The Private Practice Series Finale

Addison Montgomery Has Appeared On Grey’s Anatomy As Recently As Season 19

Since Private Practice ended in 2013 — just about 11 years ago — the world of the series has no doubt changed considerably in the meantime. Of course, Kate Walsh’s Addison has returned to Grey’s Anatomy in the interim. Most notably, Addison joined Miranda Bailey’s (Chandra Wilson) efforts to make reproductive healthcare safe and accessible to patients living in states impacted by the overturning of Roe v. Wade. On the other hand, it’s clear that Amelia doesn’t keep in touch with her former Los Angeles colleagues, though Grey’s Anatomy season 20’s ending positions Dr. Shepherd perfectly for a Private Practice job.

All 6 seasons of

Private Practice

, all 20 seasons of

Grey’s Anatomy

, and all 7 seasons of

Station 19

are streaming on Hulu.

Source: Deadline

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