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‘Holy F–k, He’s Back:’ Mayor Of Kingstown’s Hugh Dillon Recalls The On-Set Moment He Knew Jeremy Renner Was Fully Back In Action

From left to right: side-by-side press image of Hugh Dillon as Ian looking to his right while standing in the show and Jeremy Renner looking over his shoulder to his left while standing in a cemetary in Season 3 of Mayor of Kingstown.

A year and a half ago, I interviewed Mayor of Kingstown’s co-creator Hugh Dillon about Season 2 not long after Jeremy Renner’s near-fatal snowplow accident. At the time, he told me that he knew the Avengers star would be OK, however, the actor was also still deep in the throes of recovery. Now, the Paramount+ show’s star is back in action, and the co-creator and actor behind Ian told me about the moment he realized Renner was really ready to rock at full force. 

Season 3 of Mayor of Kingstown just premiered on the 2024 TV schedule, and I had the chance to chat with Hugh Dillon about the first few episodes and working with Jeremy Renner. Kingstown went into production about a year after the leading actor’s accident, and the Flashpoint actor noted that at the time his co-star wasn’t at full confidence just yet. However, he believed in his friend, as he said:

Well, he did his own stunts, which is crazy. And also I remember it was about that swagger he has. He didn’t have 100% confidence right out of the gate. But I did, because I work with him. And I know him well, and I see if you’ve got it.

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