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How Fallout Season 2 Will Expand On The Game’s Factions Explained By Showrunners

How Fallout Season 2 Will Expand On The Game's Factions Explained By Showrunners


Fallout Season 2’s New Vegas Setting & Game Timeline Connection Addressed By Showrunners

This article covers a developing story. Continue to check back with us as we will be adding more information as it becomes available.


  • Fallout
    season 2 will delve deeper into the factions of the Wasteland, exploring tribalism and division in a fractured America.
  • Showrunners Graham Wagner and Geneva Robertson-Dworet promise an expansion of the world, with Lucy facing various factions on her new quest.
  • The unifying instinct of factions in
    is to bring the world under their control, mirroring real-world struggles for power.

With the Brotherhood of Steel and New California Republic already introduced, showrunners Graham Wagner and Geneva-Robertson-Dworet tease how Fallout season 2 will further explore the factions in the Wasteland. The Prime Video series brought Bethesda’s beloved RPG game franchise into live-action, as Ella Purnell’s Vault dweller Lucy MacLean leaves the safety of her underground bunker home in search of her father. In the final episode of Fallout season 1, Lucy is set on a new quest in search of answers about her family’s hidden pre-war past, sending her in the direction of New Vegas.

As Fallout season 2’s pre-production continues, Wagner and Robertson-Dworet teased to Awards Daily how season 2 will expand the world of the wasteland. With human society fractured following the apocalypse, the showrunners teased that Lucy will face many varied factions. Check out Wagner and Robertson-Dworet’s responses below:

Graham Wagner:
An element of season 1 that we touch on that we definitely want to build on in season 2 is the factionalism and tribalism that a fractured America falls into. Which has become increasingly relevant to the world we are living in as well. In season 1 there was a bit of a debate on the timeline, and in the real world we can’t even agree about the last election! So the idea that in a world that is broken down and has no communication with each other, getting consensus is going to be a really tough thing. We are really going to expand on those divides a great deal in season 2.

Geneva Robertson-Dworet:
I think it also goes into that factionalism that Graham was talking about that we hope to dive into more in season 2. Obviously, with Lucy as our POV character being new to the Wasteland, she has not experienced that many factions in the first season. But the unifying instinct of all factions, both in the real world and the world of Fallout, is that they want to bring the world under their own control. Essentially, write the future. Vault 31’s ad, Bud’s Buds, and Vault-Tec are more explicit about it than anyone else is: that fundamentally what every faction wants is to control the Wasteland.

This is a developing story…

Source: Awards Daily

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