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How Mae’s Indara Battle Reached Another Level

How Mae's Indara Battle Reached Another Level


  • A recent interview clip reveals more about the intricate fight scene between Mae and Jedi Master Indara in Star Wars: The Acolyte.
  • The show doubles down on the Force-Fu martial arts form, reflecting a shift in Star Wars shows and movies.
  • Mae’s cunning tactics against Indara shed light on her complex history with the Jedi, hinting at past events to be revealed in future episodes.

A recent interview clip for Star Wars: The Acolyte breaks down the impressive fight scene between Mae and Jedi Master Indara from the Star Wars show’s opening scene. The Acolyte premiered with a two-episode release on June 4th, and it’s already proven that beautifully choreographed action sequences will play a major role in the show. In fact, The Acolyte is doubling down on the Star Wars martial arts form Force-Fu, reflecting a shift in Star Wars movies and TV shows. This fighting style was used in the battle between Mae and Master Indara, which was featured in The Acolyte trailers.

It’s clear that significant thought went into the fight between Mae and Master Indara. The interview clip, posted on Star Wars’ official X account starwars, reveals The Acolyte Assistant Fight Coordinator Lu Junchang and Action Designer and Second Unit Director Christopher Clark Cowan’s insights into the decisions that were made for the action-packed scene.

Clearly, much more was happening beneath the surface of this fight between Mae and Indara, and it’s a sign of things to come in the show.


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The Acolyte’s Opening Fight Showcases Mae’s Cunning As Well As Her Capabilities

The fight between Mae and Master Indara reveals that, despite her not being formally trained by the Jedi, Mae is a formidable opponent and (as Indara points out) was clearly trained by someone. Not only was Mae very capable with the Force, but she also managed to hold her own—and eventually even win—in a fight against a fully-trained and very powerful Jedi Master. In part, this success was because Mae wasn’t focused on raw power alone.

Rather, Mae brilliantly used the Jedi weaknesses against Indara. Specifically, Mae knew that the Jedi are supposed to protect the innocent, and she weaponized that fact by distracting Indara with the possibility that an innocent bystander would be killed. It was only once Indara was focused on saving this person that Mae was able to throw a knife directly into Indara’s chest, killing her.

Mae brilliantly used the Jedi weaknesses against Indara.

Amandla Stenberg as Mae Holding a Dagger in Star Wars The Acolyte Poster


The former Padawan of Jedi Master Sol, Mae gets swept up into a sinister mystery—one that puts her into the center of a conflict in unexpected ways.

Created By
Leslye Headland

Amandla Stenberg


This is an especially interesting and complicated twist to Mae’s story. Although The Acolyte has yet to reveal precisely what occurred between Mae and the Jedi who had been stationed on her home planet, it’s evident that something happened to make Mae not only distrust but also despise the Jedi. Moreover, because one of the Jedi, Master Torbin, was guilty enough that he was willing to take poison, it seems the Jedi did legitimately do something to Mae, inadvertently or otherwise.

Carrie Ann Moss as Indara Holding a Green Lightsaber in Star Wars The Acolyte Poster


Master Indara is a Jedi Master of great physical and mental skill. Little has been revealed of her role to date.

Created By
Leslye Headland

Carrie-Anne Moss


However, Mae knew at that moment that Master Indara would focus on saving the other person in the bar. Clearly, the Jedi still uphold their ideals to a certain extent, and Mae is aware of and exploits that fact. Given that, it will be very interesting to see what the coming episodes reveal regarding Mae’s history with the Jedi. In the meantime, though, it’s fascinating to learn more about this beautiful action sequence between Mae and Master Indara in the opening scene of Star Wars: The Acolyte.

The first two episodes of The Acolyte are available to stream on Disney+.

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