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Inside the hidden spaces on planes passengers don’t even know exist | UK | News

Inside the hidden spaces on planes passengers don't even know exist | UK | News

There are hidden spaces on planes that most passengers don’t even know exist.

On long-haul flights, pilots and flight attendants need spaces for downtime. These cabins are known as “crew rest compartments”, CNN Travel reported. 

But they are off-limits to passengers, who often don’t even realise they’re there. “It’s a little bit like Disney – we keep the magic behind closed doors,” United Airlines flight attendant Susannah Carr told CNN. 

On newer aircraft, these compartments are typically located above the main cabin with secret ladders leading up to them.

Carr shared an insider’s perspective on what crew rest compartments are really like. There are usually two sets of rest quarters. One is for the pilots and sits above the cockpit, complete with two bunks and a recliner seat.

There is a second space for cabin crew with bunks. It is typically located above the back galley where food and drinks are wheeled out from. On older planes, they may be in the cargo hold or just a curtained-off section in the main cabin. 

“They can be quite comfortable,” Carr said. “They have a padded mattress, an air vent to keep the air circulating and temperature controls so you can keep it cooler or warmer, and we’re provided with linens, usually similar to the ones used in business class on our international flights.”

“I like them – but I’m also only about 5 foot 8 inches, so if you put a 6 foot 4 inch person in there, they might be a little tight.”

The Federal Aviation Administration regulates these sleeping quarters, imposing requirements on carriers according to an agency advisory circular from 1994.

For instance, the dimensions of each bed need to be at least 78 inches long and 30 inches wide – thinner than a standard mattress but long

The FAA also mandates that “flight crew sleeping quarters should be in a location where intrusive noise, odours, and vibration have minimum effect on sleep”.

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