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Is Below Deck Mediterranean’s Elena Dubaich The Problem? (She’s Already Drenched In Drama)

Is Below Deck Mediterranean's Elena Dubaich The Problem? (She's Already Drenched In Drama)


  • Elena is back on Below Deck Med seeking high-level experience to further her career as a Chief Stew.
  • Captain Sandy called out Elena for waking up Chef Jono, causing stress and emotions for the Stew.
  • While flirting with Deckhand Joe, Elena could be stirring the pot and causing tension with fellow Stew Bri.

Below Deck Mediterranean may just have begun, but Stew Elena Dubaich has already put herself in the middle of several different dramas, leaving many wondering if she’s the drama of the season. Elena isn’t new to the series, but after appearing in just a few episodes of a past season, she’s returned for Below Deck Mediterranean season 9’s full charter. Working beneath Captain Sandy Yawn and Chief Stew Aesha Scott, Elena and her fellow Stew Bri Muller have some of the best possible crew members guiding them through the charter season. Despite the guidance, the interior team has been struggling.

With Elena returning to Below Deck Mediterranean in the same season as Aesha’s return, there are familiar faces aboard Mustique for the charter season. Despite having experience aboard a Below Deck sanctioned superyacht in the past, it’s not inherently easy for the crew to come together during their time on a new vessel. Though Elena has experience, the new dynamics of the crew are always taxing during the first charters on the ship, and her time aboard Mustique has already brought about some drama. Though it’s only the first charter, Elena’s issues may be a major part of the season.

Below Deck Poster

Below Deck Mediterranean

Below Deck Mediterranean is a Bravo reality television series that follows a crew that works aboard a gigantic superyacht during the busy season. The show highlights the challenges of the crew as they serve their high-end clientele. Each season tackles new locations, such as Greece, Croatia, Italy, and France, with some repeating.

Elena Returned To Below Deck Mediterranean To Further Her Career

She’s Looking For More High-Level Experience

Elena Dubaich below deck med

While Elena is happy to be back on Below Deck Mediterranean, she didn’t return to the show without a personal goal. Elena’s been spending her time working aboard various boats, improving her skills as a Stew and moving up in the ranks. Though she was on Below Deck Med season 7, Elena’s time on the show was limited as she came in to replace someone else at the end of the charter season.

During the premiere of Below Deck Mediterranean season 9, Elena shared that she’s looking forward to getting more superyacht experience during her time on the show. She’s hopeful that in working with people as experienced as Aesha and Captain Sandy, she’ll be able to learn more about of the skills that have made them successful in their careers. With hopes that she’ll be able to become a Chief Stew, Elena is looking for experience in service and management this charter season, though it may be difficult for her to come by.

Captain Sandy Called Elena Out For Waking Jono Up

She Was Struggling To Keep Up With The Guests

During the premiere episode of Below Deck Mediterranean season 9, Elena was dealing with charter guests who wanted some specific late night snacks. While the stews are usually able to get minor things together in the kitchen, the primary’s preference sheet had specifically stated some more complex snacks that they were looking for. Elena, who was the only interior crew member awake and available, had too much on her plate and decided to wake up Chef Johnathan Shillingford to see if he could help with the food.

After two attempts at waking up the Chef, Elena tasked the exterior crew’s Gael Cameron with helping, as she was working the late night shift along with her. The Chef refused to help, explaining that he wasn’t on shift anymore, and though Elena pressed, he left her to work alone. Although Elena thought she was doing the right thing waking up the Chef, when Captain Sandy heard about the issue, she wasn’t happy. During the crew meeting after the charter’s end, Captain Sandy made it clear Elena had made a mistake, calling it out in front of everyone.

Elena’s Issues With Chef Jono Are Valid Concerns

She Felt Her Issues Weren’t Addressed

Below Deck Mediterranean Season 9 Chef Johnathan Shillingford montage with colourful background
Custom image by César García

While Elena’s decision might have been the wrong choice, it was ultimately the best thing she could think to do in the moment. Knowing that the Chef had already been made aware of the charter guests’ preferences, she felt it was necessary to wake him up to help out, even if it wasn’t the standard protocol. Though Elena made a mistake, she was valid to reach out to the person aboard Mustique who knew the kitchen best, especially so late at night.

Even though Elena used her better judgment, Captain Sandy calling her out caused some stress. Captain Sandy made it clear that she realized Elena had made the call to wake Jono up because she was likely used to a superyacht that had more than one chef, but working with a smaller crew the way she is on Mustique, waking a crew member when they’re not meant to be on shift for anything less than an emergency is unacceptable. When Elena returned to her bunk, she was emotional about feeling like she was being reprimanded, which could be a recurring reaction.

Deckhand Joe Seems Interested In Bri & Elena

He Was Flirty With Both Stews

Elena’s time aboard Mustique may have some difficulties due to her relationships with Captain Sandy and Chef Jono moving forward, but those aren’t the only issues she could be facing aboard the superyacht. Early on in the season, it was clear that Elena was interested in the Deckhands aboard Mustique, but Bri was more forward about her attraction for Deckhand Joe Bradley. While it didn’t necessarily feel like Joe and Elena had a connection, things heated up between the pair on the first crew night out.

Elena and Bri both got flirty with Joe during the first crew night out, and while Bri had made it obvious she was interested in Joe, Elena wasn’t interested in counting herself out. Throughout the night Joe switched off dancing with Bri and Elena, which annoyed Bri considerably. Earlier in the day, Elena had been firm with her fellow stew about the work they needed to complete, which had bothered Bri, so seeing Elena also flirting with Joe could cause even more tension.

Is Elena Stirring The Pot Flirting With Joe?

She Seems To Be Having Fun

Below Deck Mediterranean Season 9's Captain Sandy Yawn and other cast members headshots
Custom Image by César Garcia

Despite the fact that Elena wasn’t crossing any lines in flirting with Joe during the crew’s night out, her flirtation with the Deckhand could cause some tension between the interior team. It appears that Joe will be a the center of a love triangle on Below Deck Mediterranean season 9, getting flirty with both Elena and Bri at the same time. As there’s already tension between the Stews about their work and overall responsibilities, it appears it may only get worse.

While Elena has every right to flirt with who she wants, her desire to advance in her career and learn more about becoming a Chief Stew may be on thin ice if she has tension with Bri. Though it appears that Joe is interested in both women, it may benefit Elena to bow out unless she believes there’s a deeper connection with Joe on the horizon. For the Below Deck Mediterranean Stew, she could be stirring the pot unnecessarily by flirting with her colleague.

Below Deck Mediterranean

airs Mondays at 9 p.m. EDT on Bravo, then streams the following day on Peacock.

Source: Below Deck/Instagram

Below Deck Poster

Below Deck Mediterranean

Below Deck Mediterranean is a Bravo reality television series that follows a crew that works aboard a gigantic superyacht during the busy season. The show highlights the challenges of the crew as they serve their high-end clientele. Each season tackles new locations, such as Greece, Croatia, Italy, and France, with some repeating.

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