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Is Edge of Tomorrow 2 an Upcoming Project for Tom Cruise?

Is Edge of Tomorrow 2 an Upcoming Project for Tom Cruise?


  • Tom Cruise has possibly hinted at an
    Edge of Tomorrow
    sequel, expressing gratitude to co-stars and fans in a recent Instagram post.
  • A potential collaboration with Warner Bros. indicates the long-awaited sequel might be in the works after a decade.
  • Cruise’s determination and success history suggest an
    Edge of Tomorrow
    sequel could be a box office hit with the original cast.

On the 10th anniversary of the release of Edge of Tomorrow, star Tom Cruise‘s wild sci-fi action ride of 2014, the Hollywood movie star made a post on Instagram where he hinted at the idea of a sequel to the film. He took to the social media platform to thank co-star Emily Blunt for being “a great friend and a brilliant actress.” Cruise also mentions director Doug Liman and other actors from the film, Bill Paxton and Brendan Gleeson, also complimenting their participation in the movie. Christopher McQuarrie, who has spent the latest part of his career on projects with Cruise, was also mentioned as the visionary behind the script and storytelling.

While he doesn’t exactly mention Edge of Tomorrow‘s sequel, Cruise’s recent partnership with Warner Bros. could be the catalyst to the film finally moving ahead. In past interviews, both Cruise and Blunt have been open to returning to their roles. In his post, he finishes with a vaguely teasing line about more movies to come, which, in the context of the post, could suggest a sequel.

To everyone who has enjoyed this film over the years, thank you for being a fan. And thank you to Warner Bros. for making this film. I can’t wait to share more about the great movies we’re working on.

Edge of Tomorrow follows Major William Cage (Cruise), a PR officer who has no experience on the battlefield. Unfortunately, he’s demoted after refusing to cover an alien invasion that’s taking place all over Europe, and he’s sent to the frontline as a private. During an ambush, Cage decides to attack, but he wounds himself and gets covered with alien blood.

This causes him to fall into a time loop, à la Groundhog Day, in which every time he dies, Cage wakes up in the morning on the day of the attack.

edge of tomorrow

Could an Edge of Tomorrow Sequel Work, Even After 10 Years?

Unlike other movies of this nature, the movie ends on a happy and promising note. After being acclaimed by critics and delivering a solid performance at the box office, everyone started asking for a sequel to Blunt and Cruise’s science fiction epic. Since 2015, the project has been “confirmed” in many ways and by many people, including Liman and Blunt, but eventually, it fizzled out of existence.


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If well-written, and if it stars its original cast, there are no reasons for Edge of Tomorrow‘s sequel to fail. Cruise has the presence and business ability to turn an idea into a successful film venture that will see good results at the box office, even if it’s not part of a massive franchise. Until a couple of days ago, the project seemed to have dropped off Cruise’s radar, but his post on Instagram is emotional enough to make us imagine he could reprise the role of the time traveler.

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