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Is Jooshin High School Real?

Is Jooshin High School Real?

Hierarchy is a new mystery teen romance K-drama that premiered on June 7, 2024, on Netflix worldwide. The highly arresting series is set at Jooshin High School, located in Seoul, South Korea. The drama has presented the school as an esteemed private high school where students come from the higher strata of society.

The K-drama Hierarchy centers around a group of students at Jooshin High School. The story unfolds when a mysterious transfer and scholarship student, Kang Ha (Lee Chae Min), appears at the school, looking for revenge. Furthermore, his prime goal is to disclose the secrets of the privileged students at the school. 

What is Jooshin High School in Hierarchy K-drama?

Jooshin High School from the new Netflix K-drama Hierarchy is not a real academic institution. It is a fictional private, prestigious high school in Seoul, South Korea. In the series, the school has a group of highly privileged students who control the law and order in the school. However, they harbor dark secrets that they want to keep hidden at any cost. Meanwhile, the arrival of a new scholarship transfer student at Jooshin High School creates a massive crack in their hierarchical and dominant world.

See You in My 19th Life actor Lee Chae Min portrays the lead role of the transfer student, Kang Ha, in this drama. Besides him, the main cast list of the series includes Roh Jeong Eui as Jung Jae I, Kim Jae Won as Kim Ri An, Lee Won Jung as Lee Woo Jin, and Ji Hye Won as Yoon He Ra. Other supporting actors in the cast include Byeon Seo Yun, Choi Won Young, Kim Tae Jung, Seo Jun, Seo Bum June, Oh Na Ra, and others.

Chu Hye Mi has served as the writer of the drama series, while Bae Hyeon Jin has directed it. All seven episodes of Hierarchy are currently streaming on Netflix.

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