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‘It’s Not Easy’: Kenan Thompson Talks About Ex-SNL Co-Star Pete Davidson And How ‘Scrutinized’ He Is

Pete Davidson on Weekend Update.

Saturday Night Live’s cast over the years has been filled with talented and famous performers on the rise. Some of the biggest comedic stars in Hollywood worked at Studio 8H early in their careers, and as such, it feels like the media is often particularly focused on at least one of the buzzy cast members and their personal life away from the show. Over the last decade, that spotlight has obviously shined the brightest on Pete Davidson, and it’s part of why his longtime SNL co-star Kenan Thompson is so ‘proud’ of him.

The quote was given as part of a recent interview Thompson did with Variety. The longtime SNL star sat with Bowen Young to discuss everything from cancel culture to Dave Chapelle’s much talked about appearance to how much attention the cast gets. That’s when the subject of Davidson came up, and Thompson said he’s ‘proud’ of him for how he persevered in the face of all the attention, which, in his perspective, is a lot more than it used to be.

It’s not easy to be in all that scrutiny all the time. I feel like this is the most scrutinized time on the planet. Everybody’s watching everything and commenting about everything.

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