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Jang Ki-Yong’s The Atypical Family Ending Explained & Episode 12 Spoilers: Happy or Sad Ending?

Jang Ki-Yong’s The Atypical Family Ending Explained & Episode 12 Spoilers: Happy or Sad Ending?

The Atypical Family episode 12 (finale) aired on Netflix on Sunday, June 9, 2024. Led by cast members Jang Ki-Yong and Chun Woo-Hee, the fantasy romance K-drama revolves around the changes in the lives of a family with superpowers after a mysterious woman begins to live with them.

So far, Bok Gwi-Joo (Jang Ki-Yong) is aware of his upcoming death, which his mother dreamt about. Per her dreams, he uses his powers and travels 13 years back to save Do Da-Hae (Chun Woo-Hee) from a fire incident. In a turn of events, Da-Hae believes she can change the future and save Gwi-Joo. But the scratch on his neck hints at a tragedy. For context, the person who saves Da-Hae has a red mark on his neck.  

The final episode begins with Gwi-Joo consulting a pharmacist about the duration of his neck’s mark. He wants to understand the time he has left before he dies. In The Atypical Family episode 12, his mother Man-Heum’s dream eventually comes true. Will Gwi-Joo get a sad ending? Let’s find out!

Netflix’s The Atypical Family ep 12 recap: Did Jang Ki-Yong die?

In The Atypical Family episode 12, Gwi-Joo hides his neck injury from Da-Hae. However, she finds out soon and gets scared of losing him. Da-Hae is devastated, thinking that she will not be able to change the future and save him. Gwi-Joo requests her to keep it a secret from his family for a day. He plans to tell his clan after his daughter Yi-Na’s dance competition at her school.

Meanwhile, his sister Dong-Hee (Claudia Kim) is single after calling off his wedding. Thanks to Da-Hae and his sister Grace, Dong-Hee faces the harsh reality of her former fiancé Ji-Han. In episode 12, Ji-Han follows Dong-Hee at night and warns her if she doesn’t marry him. Hyung-Tae (Choi Kwak-Rok) threatens Ji-Han, leaving the latter scared.

The next day, Yi-Na is nervous about her first-ever performance in front of many people. Her and Da-Hae’s families arrive at the kid’s school to support her. Da-Hae and Gwi-Joo are on the way when the latter receives a call from his former colleague from the fire department. Gwi-Joo wants to know about the fire incident involving Da-Hae 13 years ago.

At school, Yi-Na is waiting for her father and becomes more anxious. Gwi-Joo arrives on time, and Yi-Na and her group deliver an excellent performance. Once her dance ends, Gwi-Joo rushes somewhere, followed by Da-Hae. After a while, she stops him and asks him the reason. His expression gives Da-Hae the answer, revealing that the time has come. However, he promises her that he will return to her.

After Gwi-Joo leaves, his father comes in a hurry and informs Da-Hae that Man-Heum’s dream shows the fire will happen at Yi-Na’s school. On the other hand, Ji-Han threatens to meet Dong-Hee in a room at the kids’ school. He claims that he will set everything on fire if she doesn’t accept him. She states that he is a coward and cannot do such things. After she leaves, Ji-Han accidentally sets the room on fire.

The fire becomes terrible and spreads rapidly. Yi-Na gets stuck while looking for a way out. Fortunately, Da-Hae finds her, but the suffering doesn’t end there. A heavy wall is about to fall on them. However, Gwi-Joo appears in time and holds it. He asks Da-Hae to take Yi-Na and leave. She requests him not to travel back to the past, but he doesn’t listen. While Da-Hae brings Yi-Na to safety, Gwi-Joo travels 13 years back and saves Da-Hae. The next scene shows his family mourning, hinting at his death. Did he die in The Atypical Family? Only time will tell. 

The Atypical Family finale ending: Will there be a season 2? 

Towards The Atypical Family ending, five years have passed since Gwi-Joo has gone missing from Yi-Na’s school’s fire incident. The Bok family assumes he died when he traveled back to 13 years.

In the present, Da-Hae lives with Gwi-Joo’s family and has a five-year-old son. The ending shows that the toddler has a superpower that allows him to bring anything from the past. Da-Hae shows Gwi-Joo’s picture, wondering if his son can truly do the unimaginable.

The final scene features her son standing with Gwi-Joo, meaning that the child has returned his father to the present time. Teary-eyed, the couple look at each other and smiles. Eventually, they find their happy ending.

However, the K-drama has left many questions unanswered. When did Da-Hae get pregnant? How is Yi-Na dealing with her superpowers? Will these questions be answered in season 2? Only time will tell. 

Meanwhile, stream all 12 episodes of The Atypical Family on Netflix.

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