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Jared Leto Plays Retired Professor Turned Jewel Thief in New Role

Jared Leto Plays Retired Professor Turned Jewel Thief in New Role


  • Jared Leto takes on a thrilling role inspired by a real-life professor turned cat burglar, blending academia with criminality.
  • Leto to star and produce in film based on Dr. Lawrence Gray’s story, exploring his high-profile thefts and unexpected betrayal.
  • Leto also stars as a groundbreaking AI program in
    Tron: Ares
    , offering a fresh narrative twist for the franchise in 2025.

Jared Leto is about to take on yet another challenging role that blurs the lines between academia and criminality. The Academy Award-winning actor will star in and also produce the new film developed by h.wood Media, a division of the L.A.-based hospitality giant, The h.wood Group. The project draws its inspiration from a real-life figure, Dr. Lawrence Gray, a retired professor who reportedly turned into a cat burglar.

Per Deadline, the script, penned by Andy Bellin, known for his work on Lovelace, brings to life an article titled The Talented Dr. Gray by journalists Steve Kroft and Howard L. Rosenberg. The article, which captured the attention of readers when it was published in Graydon Carter’s Airmail in 2022, narrates the astonishing transformation of Gray from a respected political science professor at John Cabot University to a suspect in a series of high-profile thefts.

The film’s story will center around Dr. Gray, whose impeccable manners and deep-rooted social ties facilitated his alleged theft of over $1 million in jewels and art from affluent households across five states. These were not random targets; many were acquaintances and friends made at social gatherings, and notably, his longtime companion, Jacqueline Quillen, a distinguished member of Washington D.C.’s high society.

The plot thickens with Gray’s relationship with Quillen, granddaughter of the illustrious banker and physicist Alfred Lee Loomis, who allegedly served as both a cover and a conduit for his illicit activities. Despite their shared bonds and social engagements, Gray is accused of betraying Quillen and her wealthy circle over a span of a decade. The drama escalates with a lawsuit from Quillen’s son in 2020, which intensifies after Quillen’s death later that year, leading to a confidential settlement that saw Gray compensating her estate while maintaining his innocence against the family’s disapproval.

The film takes creative liberties by shifting the backdrop from the U.S. to London. Here, Leto’s portrayal of Dr. Gray will see him infiltrating the opulent lives of British aristocrats and foreign dignitaries, with an eye on priceless British relics. This adaptation promises a tale rich in sophistication and suspense, depicting the paradox of a life filled with both privilege and deceit.

Jared Leto’s Tron: Ares Will Break the Boundaries of Human and AI

Jared Leto will also star in the latest installment of the Tron series, Tron: Ares. The film introduces a new character, Ares, a sophisticated program from the virtual environment known as “The Grid.” In a groundbreaking twist for the series, Ares is dispatched on a perilous mission into the real world, marking the first-ever interaction between humans and artificial intelligence beings within the franchise’s narrative. Read Tron: Ares‘ official synopsis below:

“Tron: Ares follows a highly sophisticated Program, Ares, who is sent from the digital world into the real world on a dangerous mission, marking humankind’s first encounter with A.I. beings.”


Tron 3: Plot, Release Date, Cast, and Everything Else We Know

Here’s everything we know about Tron: Ares, the third film in the Tron franchise, starring Jared Leto.

Walt Disney Pictures is behind the production of this third film in the series, promising to uphold the franchise’s reputation for pioneering visuals and innovative storytelling. The film is directed by Joachim Rønning, known for his work on Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. Rønning is thrilled about joining the Tron legacy, showing his vision to improve its hallmark elements of advanced design and technology through Tron: Ares.

“I’m excited to be part of the Tron franchise and bring this new film to fans around the world. Tron: Ares builds upon the legacy of cutting-edge design, technology and storytelling. Now more than ever, it feels like the right time to return to the Grid.”

Tron: Ares
is set to premiere in theaters in 2025.

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