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Joey Chestnut Banned From Fourth Of July Hot Dog Eating Contest, For Reasons Wholly UnAmerican

Joey Chestnut stretching before hot dog eating competition that was boradcast on ESPN in 2019.

When it comes to sports, we watch football on Thanksgiving and hot dog eating on the Fourth of July. However, this Independence Day one of the greatest competitive eaters won’t be competing because he was banned from the annual Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Competition.

That’s right, the 16-time hot dog-eating champion won’t be back to compete this year over a deal he reportedly made with Impossible Foods. The Post reported that Impossible Foods recently launched a vegan frankfurter, and Chestnut was allegedly going to represent that plant-based brand. The article noted that Nathan’s, who runs the annual event, met a lot of the competitor’s other demands – like letting him participate in a rival Labor Day competition for Netflix – however, this deal was the breaking point.

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