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Jon Cryer claims Andrew McCarthy was rude to him in ‘Brat Pack’ days – Film News | Film-News.co.uk

Jon Cryer claims Andrew McCarthy was rude to him in 'Brat Pack' days - Film News | Film-News.co.uk

Jon Cryer has claimed Andrew McCarthy was rude to him in their “Brat Pack” days

The actor revealed he’s enjoyed reuniting with his Pretty in Pink co-star for the launch of Andrew’s documentary about the 1980s “Brat Pack” movie stars, Brats.

Jon, 59 explained that prior to the new documentary, he and Andrew, 61, had had no contact for almost three decades after they wrapped up their duties on the 1986 teen movie.

“We had not spoken for 30 years,” he told Extra. “Except, they did an interview of him on the anniversary DVD, in which he said, ‘Yeah, I didn’t like him because he was really needy’. And I saw that and I was like, ‘What!?’.”

He went on to joke that seeing Andrew’s anniversary interview had made him reconsider what he’d said in his own interview for the same DVD.

“I should have said in my interview, he was kind of a d**k,” Jon quipped, “because he kind of was, at the time – and he admits it!”

Jon added he loved knowing all of their previous animosity was now water under the bridge.

“I don’t know if we needed to make amends, but it was just so nice to see that none of that stuff mattered any more,” Jon said.

“You know, when we were young, we were scared and competitive and all that, and now we’re just old and happy to still be around, you know?”

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