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Jon Rahm pulls out of US Open due to ‘painful’ infection | Golf | Sport

Jon Rahm pulls out of US Open due to 'painful' infection | Golf | Sport

Two-time major winner Jon Rahm has sensationally pulled out of the US Open at Pinehurst due to an infection in his left foot.

The Spanish professional golfer was forced to retire after just six holes of his second round at LIV Golf Houston on Saturday.

Despite signs of recovery from the infection, Rahm chose to sit out the US Open to allow his body to heal properly.

In a heartfelt message on social media, Rahm expressed his disappointment: “After consulting with numerous doctors and my team, I have decided it is best for my long term health, to withdraw from this weeks US Open Championship. To say I’m disappointed is a massive understatement!”

He further wrote: “I wish all my peers the best of luck and want to thank all of the USGA staff, volunteers and community of Pinehurst for hosting and putting on what I’m sure will be an amazing championship! Hopefully I’ll be back in action sooner than later!”

Earlier on Tuesday, Rahm shed light on his ailment as he admitted to reporters: “Oh, it’s a concern. It’s doing better. It’s doing better. But definitely still in pain.

“We’ve been trying to figure it out because I think that the closest term would be a lesion on the skin. If I were to show you, it’s a little low in between my pinky toe and the next toe.

“I don’t know how or what happened, but it got infected. The pain was high.”

“On the Saturday round, Saturday morning, I did get a shot to numb the area. It was supposed to last the whole round, and by my second hole I was in pain already.

“The infection was the worrisome part. The infection is now controlled, but there’s still swelling and there’s still pain.”

He added: “There’s a reason I walked out here in a shoe and a flip-flop, trying to keep the area dry and trying to get that to heal as soon as possible. But I can only do what I can do. The human body can only work so fast.”

Despite his ability to win at any course, according to Rahm himself, his medical condition crushed his chances of success at Pinehurst. Thus, Rahm had no choice but to withdraw barely a day prior to the US Open.

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