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Jonathan Groff Compares Episode 6’s Rogue To 1 Star Wars Character

Jonathan Groff Compares Episode 6's Rogue To 1 Star Wars Character


  • Jonathan Groff crafted his
    Doctor Who
    character Rogue with inspiration from Han Solo
  • Rogue shares similarities with Han Solo, both taking on dubious jobs and having a softer side beneath their tough exterior.
  • Despite only appearing once so far, Groff’s portrayal of Rogue has made him a celebrated addition to
    Doctor Who

Doctor Who actor Jonathan Groff reveals which beloved Star Wars character inspired how he approached crafting the character and personality of his intergalactic bounty hunter Rogue. In the Doctor Who season 14 adventure, Rogue is sent to 19th-century England to track down a shape-shifting Chuldur that could throw Earth into chaos, only to cross paths with Ncuti Gatwa’s Fifteenth Doctor and Millie Gibson’s Ruby Sunday. Despite starting things off poorly, the Time Lord and bounty hunter join forces, eventually falling for one another.

As Doctor Who season 14 prepares to enter its season finale, Groff reflected on the preparation he took to bring Rogue to life during the latest episode of Doctor Who: Unleashed. When seeking inspiration for how he should approach playing a space-faring gun-for-hire with a little-nonsense attitude and charming side, Groff pulled inspiration from Star Wars‘ own Corellian smuggler Han Solo to bring the unlikely ally and love interest to life. Check out Groff’s full explanation below:

So, Rogue is an alien bounty hunter. So I’ve been thinking a lot about Han Solo from Star Wars. We find ourselves meeting in this world and teaming up to destroy a common ally. And in the process of that, open up to each other, get a bit vulnerable, and have a connection at the same time that we’re having an adventure.

Rogue Is Doctor Who’s Best Han Solo-Esque Figure

Doctor Who has no shortage of gun-totting intergalactic wanderers drifting through time and space that could easily draw comparisons to Han Solo. From the former Time Agent-turned-crafty conman Captain Jack Harkness (John Barrowman) whom the Time Lord inspires to stand up for what’s right no matter what, to Alex Kingston’s Professor River Song, who brings together Han’s quick reaction times with a blaster with the archaeological mind of Ford’s other notable role, Indiana Jones. However, there are certain elements of both the character’s personality and backstory that make the parallels between Rogue and Han more obvious.

Like Han, Doctor Who‘s newly debuted Rogue takes on dubious odd jobs across the cosmos, aiming to make a quick payday no matter what the cost may be in their starships that have seen better days. However, deep down each character has a softer side, and can sometimes put on an act to keep up appearances, from Rogue’s Dungeons & Dragons inspired-persona, to Han’s somewhat estimated record-setting Kessel Run completion boasts. Even Rogue’s bond with the Doctor can strike up comparisons to Han and Princess Leia (Carrie Fisher), as two people from different worlds find love when facing incredible odds.

No matter how many small ways each character can be compared to one another, it is clear Groff succeeded in creating a new, captivating character for the Doctor Who mythos. Despite his single appearance so far, Rogue is shaping up to be one of season 14’s most celebrated additions, making Groff’s inspirations an ideal choice. While his future may be unknown, hopefully, the character can be reunited with the latest incarnation of the Doctor.

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