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Julia Louis-Dreyfus criticises Jerry Seinfeld’s ‘Political Correctness’ comments – Film News | Film-News.co.uk

Julia Louis-Dreyfus criticises Jerry Seinfeld's 'Political Correctness' comments - Film News | Film-News.co.uk

Julia Louis-Dreyfus has dissociated herself with her former co-star Jerry Seinfeld’s criticisms of ‘Political Correctness’ in comedy.

The actress starred as Elaine Benes in Jerry’s sitcom Seinfeld, in which he played a fictional version of himself.

Jerry recently complained to The New Yorker that comedy is in trouble due to “the extreme left and PC crap, and people worrying so much about offending other people.”

Julia told The New York Times she disagrees, saying: “I think to have an antenna about sensitivities is not a bad thing. It doesn’t mean that all comedy goes out the window as a result.

“When I hear people starting to complain about political correctness – and I understand why people might push back on it – but to me that’s a red flag, because it sometimes means something else. I believe being aware of certain sensitivities is not a bad thing. I don’t know how else to say it.”

She elaborated: “Political correctness, insofar as it equates to tolerance, is obviously fantastic, and of course I reserve the right to boo anyone who says anything that offends me, while also respecting their right to free speech, right?

“But the bigger problem – and I think the true threat to art and the creation of art – is the consolidation of money and power. All this siloing of studios and outlets and streamers and distributors – I don’t think it’s good for the creative voice. So that’s what I want to say in terms of the threat to art.”

Asked about whether comedy is better today than the past, she continued: “I can’t judge if it’s better or not. I just know that the lens through which we create art today – and I’m not going to just specify it to comedy, it’s also drama – it’s a different lens. It really is.

“Even classically wonderful, indisputably great films from the past are riddled with attitudes that today would not be acceptable. So I think it’s just good to be vigilant.”

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