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Lee Min-Ki’s Crash K-Drama Episode 10 Release Date & Trailer Revealed on ENA 

Lee Min-Ki’s Crash K-Drama Episode 10 Release Date & Trailer Revealed on ENA 

Lee Min-Ki’s Crash K-Drama episode 10 is set to air this week on ENA and Disney Plus. Starring Kwak Sun-Young, the cop-crime drama focuses on a team of traffic crime investigators solving dangerous traffic-related criminal cases.

In the previous episode, Inspector Yeon-Ho (Lee Min-Ki) and So-Hee (Kwak Sun-Young) investigated the latter’s father’s car accident. He got injured because of Pyo Myung-Hak’s son Jong-Uk’s rash driving. The TCI team could not put the culprit behind bars due to his father’s influence. Later, Yeon-Ho discovered that Jong-Uk was also involved in a car accident in the past. However, he was not the real culprit.

The latest Crash K-drama episode 10 trailer features Yeon-Ho and the TCI team learning the truth. Kim Hyunmin, the forensic analyst, killed someone in the past. It seems Yeon-Ho was falsely accused.

Watch the trailer here:

Lee Min-Ki’s Crash K-drama episode 10 release date, time, trailer & more

Crash K-drama episode 10 premieres on Tuesday, June 11, 2024, at 10:00 p.m. KST on ENA. The cop-crime series also streams on Disney Plus.

The Crash K-drama ep 10 trailer shows Yeon-Ho and his team learning forensic analyst Kim Hyun-Min is the real culprit. He may be the next target of the person who killed Jae-Young and kidnapped Kyung-Soo. Meanwhile, Jong-Uk seeks Chairman Yang’s (Jae-Young’s father) help to get him out of the latest hit-and-run case. It seems the chairman is not willing to take a risk. To convince him, Jong-Uk says, “Chairman Yang, since when did you abide by the law? I’ll avenge Jae-Young’s death.

So-Hee and the TCI team look for more evidence to put the culprits behind bars. In the meantime, their captain, Jung Chae-Man, teaches a lesson to Lee tae-boo, who tries to meddle in the TCI business.

The trailer further shows that Jong-Uk will not be arrested. However, Yeon-Ho is not giving up on the case.

Watch Lee Min-Ki’s Crash K-drama every Monday and Tuesday on ENA and Disney Plus.

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