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Liv Morgan Spotted Alongside AEW Star Ahead of WWE RAW

Liv Morgan Spotted Alongside AEW Star Ahead of WWE RAW

The WWE Women’s World Champion, Liv Morgan, who recently won the title, was spotted with an AEW star ahead of WWE Raw. Morgan, who won the title at the WWE King and Queen of the Ring premium live event, was recently seen with AEW star CJ Perry.

Both Liv Morgan and CJ Perry, who met in WWE, have been friends since. They both remain friends since Perry exited the promotion. CJ Perry, who has made headlines in recent months following her announcement of separation from her husband, AEW star Miro, expressed their mutual decision to part ways amicably in an interview, with hopes of collaborating again in the future. Despite their marital split, the duo intends to maintain an amicable relationship, both personally and professionally.

Meanwhile, both Miro and Perry have been sidelined from in-ring competition in the wrestling world. Miro last competed at AEW Worlds End, while CJ Perry is facing health challenges following a hospitalization due to an infection in December. Despite their current absence, CJ Perry has been spotted with Liv Morgan on many recent occasions. Both stars are seen together, showcasing the close bond they share.

What were AEW star CJ Perry and WWE star Liv Morgan doing together?

Since winning the WWE Women’s World Title, Liv Morgan has become the top star on WWE Raw. Recently, Morgan celebrated her 30th birthday. The women’s world champion was seen celebrating the occasion with AEW star CJ Perry. Perry shared pictures of herself and Morgan during the birthday celebration. They were also spotted partying with the late WWE superstar Bray Wyatt’s wife, Joseann ‘JoJo’ Offerman.

Meanwhile, in the wrestling world, Liv Morgan is stirring up trouble for Dominik Mysterio, a member of The Judgment Day. Last week, Morgan once again made her move on Dirty Dom, even saving him from Braun Strowman’s attack. It will be interesting to see what more problems she causes for Dominik Mysterio in the upcoming edition of WWE Raw.

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