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Maddock Supernatural Universe Movie Records Major Dip

Maddock Supernatural Universe Movie Records Major Dip

The horror-comedy film Munjya, featuring Sharvari Wagh and Abhay Verma, experienced a significant decline in its box office collections on its first Monday. After a strong opening weekend, where the film grossed $2.4 million, the Monday earnings dropped by over 50 percent.

Munjya box office collection day 4 explored

Munjya earned $448K on its first Monday, a steep decline from the $1 million it garnered on Sunday. The film opened with $503K on Friday and climbed to $885K on Saturday, accumulating a total of $2.3 million over the weekend. However, despite its promising start, the film experienced a drop of over 50% on Monday, as reported by Sacnilk.

The Monday dip in Munjya’s collections was notable but not entirely unexpected in the film industry. Movies often see a decline in earnings after the weekend rush. However, the 50% decrease in revenue highlights a significant reduction in audience turnout.

On Monday, the total occupancy for Munjya was 17.05%, with the highest attendance during the night shows. In Mumbai, where the film had 756 screenings, the occupancy was 21%. In Delhi and NCR, the film is shown on 704 screens with a 15.50% occupancy rate.

Despite the decline, Munjya has provided some much-needed relief to a struggling box office. It outperformed the recent release Mr and Mrs Mahi in terms of first weekend collections. 

Adding to the excitement, Maddock Films announced on June 10, 2024, that they will release the first teaser of the highly anticipated “Stree 2.” The teaser will be shown during Munjya screenings. Stree (2018) is a previous hit from Maddock Films’ supernatural universe, starring Shraddha Kapoor and Rajkummar Rao,

While Munjya’s box office collections significantly dropped on its first Monday, the film’s initial success and continued interest from audiences provide hope for a rebound. 

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