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Michael Mosley seen in new CCTV footage | World | News

Michael Mosley seen in new CCTV footage | World | News

TV doctor Michael Mosley, who mysteriously disappeared on a Greek island, has been spotted in new CCTV footage. The video from Wednesday shows him near a marina in the village of Pedi, heading towards rocky hills.

Emergency responders, including helicopters, drones, and dogs, are tirelessly searching the Dodecanese Island. The local police were alerted about the disappearance of the 67-year-old Briton on Wednesday.

The search operation is being conducted using drones by both police and firefighters on Symi island, located approximately 25 miles north of Rhodes in the Dodecanese island chain. Eleftherios Papakaloudoukas, the mayor of Symi, pledged to continue the extensive search operation involving police, firefighters with drones, and divers.

However, he expressed doubts about anyone’s survival in the scorching heat that reached over 40C on the day the ‘Trust Me, I’m A Doctor’ star went missing.

Dr Mosley’s representatives have confirmed his disappearance. His wife, Dr Clare Bailey, who has also joined the search, first raised concerns when he failed to return to their accommodation within six hours.

Their four children have since arrived in Symi to assist in the search efforts. It is believed that Dr Mosley had gone hiking before he vanished.

On Friday, Mika Papakalodouka, the mayor’s daughter, spoke to PA news agency, revealing that numerous islanders had taken to their boats in a bid to locate the missing Brit. “It is a small island, people talk. We’re good people actually here. Everybody is looking for him,” declared the 20-year-old.

“It’s such a small island to get lost on. It’s so weird for us. Everybody is worried and looking for him.”

The search intensified after a woman claimed to have spotted Mosley, famed for his promotion of the 5:2 diet and regular appearances on The One Show and This Morning, in Pedi on Wednesday. According to a local Facebook group, Mosley set out for a walk from Saint Nikolas beach around 1.30pm Greek time (11.30am BST) on the same day.

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