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Miss Night and Day Episode 3 Recap & Spoilers

Miss Night and Day Episode 3 Recap & Spoilers

Miss Night and Day episode 3 aired on Saturday, June 22, 2024, on JTBC and Netflix. Starring, Jung Eun-Ji, Choi Jin-Hyuk, and Lee Jung-Eun, the K-drama revolves around a young woman who ages into her fifties during the day and transforms back at night.

In the previous episode, Lee Mi-Jin (Jung Eun-Ji) adjusted her days as 50-year-old Lim Sun (Lee Jung-Eun). The latter also saved top star Ko Won (Back Seo-Hoo) from an attacker. At night, she transformed into Mi-Jin and helped Gye Ji-Ung (Choi Jin-Hyuk) fetch a case document. The episode ended with a car rushing towards her in the middle of the night.

Miss Night and Day episode 3 begins with the car stopping in front of Mi-Jin. Ji-Ung runs towards her and the vehicle’s driver is a serial killer. Unfortunately, the culprit manages to run away but learns Mi-Jin’s name. Meanwhile, Ko Won sends expensive gifts for Lim Sun at her best friend Ga-Yeong’s (Kim Ah-Young) apartment. Later, Lim Sun reveals the truth about the day and night transformation to her friend.

Miss Night and Day episode 3 recap: Lee Jung-Eun reveals to Kim Ah-Young that she is Jung Eun-Ji

In Miss Night and Day episode 3, Ga-Yeong cannot believe when a delivery person hands her expensive gifts, including a car. He mentions that Ko Won has sent these for her mother, Lim Sun. Ga-Yeong calls her BFF Mi-Jin and shares the details.

Mi-Jin recalls how her parents called the police when she woke up as Lim Sun at her house. With no option left, Lim Sun visits Ga-Yeong, who gets scared of the 50-year-old lady barging into her house. Lim Sun insists that she is Mi-Jin and reveals many secrets that only she knows about her friend. As the sun is about to set, Mi-Jin requests her friend to patiently notice the transformation. Ga-Yeong finally believes Mi-Jin when she witnesses the change.

Meanwhile, Lim Sun is honored at her workplace for saving Ko Won. She meets the latter and returns all the gifts. The star tries to connect with the middle-aged lady but she continues to keep her distance. She tells the young star to treat her with coffee from time to time instead of sending gifts. 

Furthermore, Ji-Ung interrogates Ko Won’s attacker and learns he is a hater. The incident leaves Ko Won anxious and he suffers a panic attack at work. Lim Sun helps him to relax. Later, she bumps into Ji-Ung and tries to communicate with him. As he doesn’t know she is Mi-Jin, the prosecutor ignores her. At night, Ji-Ung meets Mi-Jin near her house to discuss a case. It appears that the culprit has a connection with Ju-Ung’s past.

What happens in Miss Night and Day episode 3 ending?

Miss Night and Day episode 3 further shows Lim Sun being hired for an office clerk’s role for prosecutor Ji-Ung. She is thrilled for the job position that she never got as Mi-Jin. Lim Sun approaches Ji-Ung and assures him that she will work hard. He looks confused wondering why a cleaning lady is speaking in such a manner.

The next morning, Lim Sun makes her way into Ji-Ung’s office and cleans her new desk. The prosecutor’s colleague looks clueless. When Ji-Ung enters his office, his colleague tries to tell him about Lim Sun. He initially fails to understand and tells Lim Sun that he doesn’t want a cleaning service today.

Ji-Ung seems upset and reaches out to the director. He complains asking why he has been assigned an “Ajumma” (aunty in English). Episode 3 ends with Ji-Ung reluctantly accepting his fate. To watch what happens in Miss Night and Day episode 4, tune in to JTBC and Netflix on Sunday, June 24, 2024. The K-drama airs new episodes on Saturdays and Sundays.

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