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My Adventures With Superman: Lex Luthor Made His First Big Move Against The Man Of Steel, And I Wonder If It’ll Lead To Another Classic Villain Being Introduced

Lex Luthor looking intimidating on S.T.A.R. Labs stage as Jimmy Olsen looks surprised behind him

Warning: SPOILERS for the My Adventures with Superman episode “Two Lanes Diverged” are ahead!

Although My Adventures with Superman’s version of Lex Luthor did appear during Season 1, it wasn’t until Season 2 began that we actually knew this. Initially going by Alex, Max Mittelman’s take on the character decided to identify himself as Lex Luthor to Amanda Waller when they joined forces at the end of “Adventures with My Girlfriend.” Then in the final minutes of “Fullmetal Scientist,” Luthor took over Amertek Industries, fired John Henry Irons from the company and admired the Metallo robots he acquired for his and Waller’s schemes. Now with the episode “Two Lanes Diverged,” he’s made his first big move against Jack Quaid’s Man of Steel, and I’m thinking this could lead to one of the DC superhero’s other classic villains being introduced later this season.

How Lex Luthor Made Superman’s Life More Difficult

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