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NCIS Kate Todd Actor Sasha Alexander Reveals Why She Left the Series

NCIS Kate Todd Actor Sasha Alexander Reveals Why She Left the Series


  • Sasha Alexander opened up about leaving
    due to overwhelming work demands, contrasting it with her previous ensemble TV experiences.
  • Her character’s dramatic demise reshaped NCIS dynamics, leading to the introduction of new iconic characters like Ziva David.
  • Kate’s exit wasn’t just about replacing a character, it sparked new storylines and relationships that captivated fans for seasons.

NCIS star Sasha Alexander talked about her decision to leave the popular series after just two seasons in the podcast Off Duty: An NCIS Rewatch, hosted by Michael Weatherly and Cote de Pablo. Alexander, known for her role as Caitlin Todd, left the series following the dramatic and brutal demise of her character in the season 2 finale, a storyline that shocked and saddened fans.

During her interview, Alexander noted the demanding nature of the production schedule, which offered little to no balance between work and personal life. This issue, she explained, differed significantly from her previous experiences on other television series where the workload was more evenly distributed among the cast, providing occasional reprieves from the relentless pace of leading roles. Alexander said:

Yeah, it did. It did [no work/life balance]. I mean I think before NCIS, the shows that I did somehow had more of a balance like they were either true ensembles. But if in this particular case, I mean normally, if you’re like one or two, like Rizolli and Isles, I worked all the time, but there were moments where we could throw the ball back and forth to each other. NCIS, Mark, Michael, and I, and you later were on every single scene.

Her role in NCIS required near-constant presence, a stark contrast to the ensemble dynamics she enjoyed in shows like Rizzoli & Isles. Here, responsibilities and screen time were shared more equitably among co-stars, allowing for a more sustainable work rhythm. In NCIS, however, Alexander, alongside Weatherly and series lead Mark Harmon, found herself immersed in nearly every scene, a situation she found increasingly challenging as the series progressed.

The actor’s departure was notably marked by revisiting her character’s initial storyline in the 1000th episode of NCIS, which traced back to Kate’s origins and her dismissal from the Secret Service—a narrative pivot that initially positioned her within the Major Case Response Team (MCRT).

How Kate’s Death Reshaped the Future of NCIS

The demise of Alexander’s character, Caitlin “Kate” Todd, on NCIS fundamentally altered its cast dynamics for years to come. It was a narrative bombshell that exploded with lasting repercussions. Crafted with shocking brutality—the character was assassinated by Ari Haswari, a rogue agent—it set the stage for profound changes within the Naval Criminal Investigative Service team. Alexander’s exit paved way for one of the show’s most iconic additions—Ziva David, portrayed by Cote de Pablo.


NCIS: Every Main Character Who Left the Show (& Why)

NCIS has seen departures of several main characters throughout its run. Here are the reasons behind their exits and the impact they had on the series.

Ziva’s entrance into the series was deeply connected with the void left by Kate. As Ari’s half-sister, she was initially introduced as a Mossad liaison officer meant to contain her brother’s treachery. However, her role quickly evolved, leading her to become a permanent member of the Major Case Response Team (MCRT). This transition was not merely a replacement, but a narrative development that introduced new themes and relationships into the series, including a burgeoning romantic subplot that would captivate fans for seasons to come.

The implications of Kate’s departure extended beyond the introduction of new characters. It influenced the show’s interpersonal dynamics and long-term story arcs, ultimately contributing to its sustained success and longevity.

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