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New TV Shows & Movies Being Added

New TV Shows & Movies Being Added

Hulu’s new TV and movie releases for June 24-30 2024 include FX’s The Bear Season 3 and the films Red Right Hand and Amelia’s Children.

On June 27, Hulu subscribers and The Bear fans can rejoice as the highly-anticipated third season hits the platform. The Bear is a comedy-drama show by FX that follows Carmy Berzatto, an award-winning chef based in New York City. After his brother’s death, he returns to manage the latter’s sandwich shop in his hometown of Chicago.

Also on the 27th, viewers can stream Amelia’s Children, a horror movie directed by Gabriel Abrantes. The story follows a young man named Edward and his girlfriend Ryley as they reunite with the former’s long lost family, only to find out that a dark secret plagues them.

Then on 28th, Red Right Hand hits Hulu. Starring Orlando Bloom, this action crime-thriller follows Cash, a former criminal forced back into the ranks of his old crime family after his boss threatens him.

Also releasing on Hulu this week is A Love Song, a 2022 romantic movie directed and written by Max Walker-Silverman. The story follows two childhood loves who meet and share a night by the lake in the mountains after losing their respective spouses.

New Hulu releases for June 24-30 2024

Below are all the new TV shows and movies being added to Hulu from June 24-30 2024.

June 24

  • Breakin’ On the One: Documentary Film Premiere
  • The Invitation | 2022

June 25

  • Diane Von Furstenberg: Woman In Charge: Documentary Premiere

June 26

  • Kokdu: Season of Deity Season 1 (DUBBED)
  • A Love Song | 2022
  • Summering | 2022

June 27

  • FX’s The Bear: Complete Season 3
  • Amelia’s Children | 2023

June 28

  • The Family Stallone: Complete Season 1
  • Eric D’Alessandro: I Don’t Understand | 2023
  • Joe Zimmerman: Cult Classic | 2023
  • John Crist: What Are We Doing? | 2022
  • Josh Pugh: Live From Birmingham Town Hall | 2023
  • Red Right Hand | 2024
  • Somewhere Quiet | 2023

June 30

  • Pride Across America: Livestream
  • Zappa | 2020

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