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Ricochet Is Reportedly Leaving WWE, And His Recent Twitter Activity Likely Explains Why

Ricochet holding the WWE Speed Championship

More than six years after making his debut, Ricochet reportedly informed WWE he’s planning to leave when his current contract expires this summer. In a general sense, it’s an odd decision given WWE is booming right now, and the superstars under Triple H and TKO seem to be way happier than they were under Vince McMahon. For the high flyer personally, however, the desire to bolt isn’t all that surprising, and you only need to glance at his recent Twitter activity to see why.

Ricochet is, from a workrate, moveset and talent perspective, one of the best in-ring performers WWE has. He’s able to do things no one else in the company can, which is why he’s had some big moments and big pushes. He won The United States Championship and The Intercontinental Championship. He also won The Smackdown World Cup, the inaugural WWE Speed Tournament and had one of WWE’s most viral moments ever alongside Logan Paul. Most performers can only dream about having a career with that many highs, but in between those really solid upper mid-card moments, the Human Highlight Reel has also had a lot of periods in which he’s repeatedly taken losses and/ or been shunted to the side.

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