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Ride or Die Sets Franchise-Best Record on Rotten Tomatoes

Ride or Die Sets Franchise-Best Record on Rotten Tomatoes


  • Bad Boys: Ride or Die
    boasts the best audience score of the franchise on Rotten Tomatoes at 97%.
  • However, with
    Bad Boys for Life
    (2020) right behind at 96%, any negative fluctuation in RT’s verified ratings could cost
    Bad Boys 4
    the record.
  • Ride or Die
    didn’t receive an “A” CinemaScore like its predecessors, but its “A-” rating isn’t too shabby.

Bad Boys: Ride or Die hits theaters across the globe full throttle! Will Smith and Martin Lawrence’s action adventure is the No. 1 movie and boasts a worldwide total of $104.6 million, which is already enough to more than recoup its $100-million production budget. And while the film’s $56 million doesn’t represent the best domestic opening-weekend total of the franchise, Bad Boys 4 did set a record by just barely notching the top Rotten Tomatoes score posted by any of the four movies.

At the time of this writing, the fans’ reactions have combined and resulted in Bad Boys: Ride or Die receiving an RT audience score of 97%. This is where things get tricky, though. The third installment in the action series, which is Bad Boys for Life, holds a 96% audience score, which means the battle for the top spot could fluctuate as more verified ratings are revealed.

For those interested in comparing the numbers, Bad Boys (1995) and its first sequel, Bad Boys II, both only manage to register a 78% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes. But where does Bad Boys 4’s CinemaScore stack up against the other installments? Well, Ride or Die is the only movie in the series that didn’t manage to receive an “A” CinemaScore. However, it’s “A-” rating is still excellent. And overall, Bad Boys’ collection of CinemaScores most closely resembles a valedictorian’s final report card and academic transcript.

What Will It Take for Will Smith & Martin Lawrence to Make Bad Boys 5?

Bad Boys: Ride or Die reigns supreme over the box office during its opening weekend. And judging from the aforementioned Rotten Tomatoes’ 97% audience score and that “A-” CinemaScore, there doesn’t seem to be anything standing in the way of Mike Lowrey (Will Smith) and Marcus Burnett (Martin Lawrence) teaming up again. But what will it take for Bad Boys 5 to come to fruition? Smith hilariously sheds a bit of light on the subject and jests in an interview with Entertainment Weekly:

Well, these younger actors are going to need to do more of the stunts, that’s for sure. It is a world and characters that are just an absolute joy to be with. In a movie theater with Mike and Marcus, it just feels like home.


Will Smith Reveals His Career-Defining Performances on Hot Ones

Will Smith has made so many memorable movies over the years, and the actor reveals which four he’d seal up in a time capsule.

Smith continues:

“So, as long as there’s a reason
— I never wanted to be one of those dudes who make sequels just because people will go.
I want to make them because there is something to say,
and the characters have a place that they’re developing […]
That will be interesting and fun to watch — and maybe even a little helpful.”

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