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Romulus Is a Mix of Alien and Aliens, According to Director

Romulus Is a Mix of Alien and Aliens, According to Director

The upcoming Alien: Romulus aims to be a mix of two of what fans consider to be the best Alien films in the franchise.

Speaking to Empire Magazine, director Fede Álvarez spoke about his inspiration for the film, and how he wanted to make sure fans of both 1979’s Alien and 1986’s Aliens were satisfied.

“To ask an Alien fan to choose between them is a perverse question,” Álvarez said. “So I thought, ‘How do I do both?’ There’s a moment where the characters are walking around areas familiar from the Nostromo. Then they cross through that building and on the other side: boom! You’re in a hallway that looks like Hadley’s Hope [from Aliens].”

Alien: Romulus is set to release in theaters on August 16, 2024.

What is Alien: Romulus about?

“While scavenging the deep ends of a derelict space station, a group of young space colonizers come face to face with the most terrifying life form in the universe,” reads the movie’s official synopsis.

Alien: Romulus will be the fourth film directed by Fede Álvarez. It’s from a screenplay he co-wrote with Rodo Sayagues based on characters made by Dan O’Bannon and Ronald Shusett. The film’s cast includes Cailee Spaeny (Priscilla), David Jonsson (Agatha Christie’s Murder is Easy), Archie Renaux (Shadow and Bone), Isabela Merced (The Last of Us), Spike Fearn (Aftersun), and Aileen Wu. Alien and Prometheus director/creator Ridley Scott is producing alongside Michael Pruss and Walter Hill.

Executive producers for the film include Fede Álvarez, Elizabeth Cantillon (Charlie’s Angels), Brent O’Connor (Bullet Train), and Tom Moran (Unstoppable).

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